Saturday quarter final Picks

by louthandproud on September 2, 2016

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Two Quarter finals Saturday.

champo2016  (2)
in both grades, Senior and Intermediate.

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Replays are all about who has learnt the most from the last day but in this case it is about who can play that didn’t the last day.

Bevan Duffy and Paul Matthews could possibly return to swing the tide for the fechins.

The Mochs will feel they missed their shot the last day. Going three points ahead and not finishing the Termonfechin men off will come back to haunt them.



Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 21.59.46


Very Very evenly matched up sides.
The difference could be as subtle as both sides different shades of blue.

The game could fall to a couple of 18/19 year olds on both sides.
Two Keenans at the back for the Marys will look to pick up Conor Whelan and Sam Mulroy for the Martins.

Around the middle, the Marys look to have a little more in the tank in Robbie Leavy and Ronan Carroll.

Don’t be surprised at a draw but the Marys to advance.



Pats and Cooley relegation game is on after it.losers face O’Connells or O’Raghs after they drew on Friday night after Extra Time.

If You haven’t heard my preview on LMFM last weekend, Listen to it right here.

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