Read:Can the O’Mahonys reach the Leinster Final?

by louthandproud on November 26, 2016

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What a time to be from the Quay?


today they were beaten by Rhode in the Leinster Club semi final.
12 to 1-5

Can they beat the mighty Rhode?

The Set-up

The way the O’Mahonys play and lay out their team has got them exactly where they are at the moment.

They set up to deny the opposition space and hit you on the counter attack, efficiently I say efficiently because they have to soak up a lot of pressure and when they do get up the field they take their chances.
Kilcoyne and Ben McLaughlin are key finishers and the much spoke about Conor Finnegan nails every free.

This will give them a confidence and platform in the game regardless of who they are playing.
So Rhode will be no different.

The Let-up

That’s the thing, they never stop, all over the field, even the 2 McLaughlin’s in the forwards are ferocious tacklers.

They will have to be aware of Niall McNamee, we all know that, he is in devastating form. McNamee is usually good for 1-5 and creates another 5 the O’Mahonys have plenty of man markers for him to keep that down plus the Offaly men will look to him even more than normal on Sunday because fellow Offaly attacker Anton Sullivan has gone on army service to the Lebanon also going is their man marking corner back Jake Kavanagh.
Double blow to Rhode and double boost to SOM.

The Get-up

Drogheda as a venue has to be taken into consideration. If you are used to it fine, but if you are not, it takes time. Sarsfields found that out the hard way the last round.

I think it actually suits and has been beneficial to the O’Mahonys game plan. After all they’ve won a Louth and Leinster title there already.

Louth people from all over should get up and go to the match.
They are a team to be proud of.
They might not have marquee names but they are an honest team as any.
Take them for granted at your peril.

Can they do it? Amazingly yes they can.


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