Provisional League Fixtures

by louthandproud on September 18, 2014

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So here we are in Division 3


I don’t like the look of this place can we go back to Division 2 please!!
check here for all the fixtures

Our Navigation back up is going to be quite trickey however!

Luckily we have 4 home Games and 3 Away!

We kick off with a trickey tie away to Fermanagh and end in Drogheda versus Limerick.

Bring it on!!!

Division 3

Round 1 (31st January): Fermanagh v Louth

Round 2 (8th February): Louth v Clare

Round 3 (1st March): Louth v Wexford

Round 4 (8th March): Sligo v Louth

Round 5 (15th March): Louth v Tipperary

Round 6 (28th March): Armagh v Louth

Round 7 (5th April):  Louth v Limerick, 

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