Opposition Report: Meath

by louthandproud on June 7, 2016

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I purposely haven’t mentioned, tweeted, looked up the qualifier draw.


As far as I’m concerned all eyes are on Sunday. Belief.

Here’s the low down on Meath for the weekend.

Their Style

A hard, hard running side.
Emphasis on hard because they will run the ball down your throat with their aggressive playing style.
Slowly but surely Meath are moving away from their traditional big agricultural men and high balls and lovely catches and gone for Pace and power and lads with low centre of gravity or solo merchants.
This change in body type is seen in Eamonn Wallace, Padraic Harnan, Conor Downey and Cillian O’Sullivan.
These are the new wave.

Around the middle 8 we will have to keep check on their runners, subtle body checks and a gentle jersye tug to quell their momentum for so long but Championship is all about discipline we’ll have to not only keep our heads but communicate effectively to avoid an overlap or one-two opening up our defence.

Meath will have seen Carlows goal against us and will look to do the same Colin Kelly will hopefully have worked on it.

We clog up their running lines with men in space, but thats not enough we being in their face if they decide to run we have to be on them straight away aswell.
This concentration is very taxing on the brain but, it should force them wide and shooting from long distance these guys are ‘Solo merchants’ for a reason they want to run the ball to Newman and Tormey inside. They don’t want to shoot.

Force them out of their comfort zone, turn them over and frustrate them will be the key.

Who to watch

Mickey Newman for punishing free kicks, Eamonn Wallace for goals on the turn and Rooney for a crowdlifting high catch.

Who to expose

Rooney’s pace, Whoever comes in as replacement for regular full back Conor McGill, Graham ‘Biggy’ Reilly’s temperament, Mickey Burke and no settled number 6 so we go for the heart of their defence,

our own opposition

When it comes to Meath.
Our biggest opposition is ourselves.

Belief is key when this game comes to the boil, these Louth lads don’t fear the green jerseys anymore.
That heart and passion might not even come into it if we carry out our gameplan effectively.

Tyrone, Fermanagh and Cavan beat them playing the same way as us why can’t we do the same?
Use the emotion to fuel the lung busting tackles to stop the hard running alright.

However, If we let our gameplan take the sentiment out of the game and the scoreboard will favour us on Sunday night.

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