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by louthandproud on January 27, 2017

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come down to the Gaelic Grounds and we’ll see then won’t we?

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We saw Louth beaten 2-16 to 1-10 Talking Points tomorrow.


From the outside this looks like a proper fixture and final.
Reality is, it is the Dublin third team playing for an All-Ireland medal.
It would have made for an excellent reality tv programme really.

A Dublin squad of young guns and lads who thought their chance was gone moulded under a management team that has done tons of service and good work for the county.
They will have a spirit because of that, nobody expected them to do so well and maybe that has been their secret to getting this far.


We have to put in a full 70minute performance to beat them, they’ll be fit and able and as I have mentioned their doggedness to impress will make them go to the depths.

We will also have to shoulder the expectation of being expected to beat Dublin too.
That is a weirdly tricky one.
No Louth team has ever went out against the Dubs as favourites.
Sunday we should and will be expected to win.


I think we really want to win this competition.

6 of todays Louth squad players have O’Byrne Cup medals.
The last time we won it in 2009.
Pop, Derek Crilly, Reido, Ronan Carroll, Paraic Smith and Derek Maguire.

That means a whole chunk of the squad have not won it before.

They’ll be thinking we’ve gotten this far, lets do it.
to be fair to this youthful squad they like the feeling of winning and achieving as a group.
The Division 4 league final last and the penultimate game in Drogheda against Wexford to secure promotion showed that.
When the pressure comes on they perform.
Lets keep that habit going.


We are in a good place and we keep improving.
We have a clear set of roles and a system we keep adding layers to.
Dublin players fighting for their career will make it tough.
Nonetheless we should be the kings of January come Sunday evening.

I’ll have updates on teams when they come out in the coming days also.


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 18.17.12
One Deegan in for another.
Michael Deegan goes out and Gavin Ivory comes in. While Ryan Deegan strengthens there midfield.
Ivory is a U21 winner in 2014 known for playing out the field for Dublin but plays in the corner for his club Raheny.
The Dublin sides main strength will be to work and orbit around their two corner men.
I’d be worried about their bench, Basquel McDaid and Gary Sweeney especially.
We’ll have our work cut out for us. Like Meath last week solid team but beatable.


Strong team with a look ahead to Laois. I like it.
Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 09.36.19

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sean January 28, 2017 at 11:00 am

So is he going to go full team tomorrow and potentially show our hand to someone from Laois management who are sure to be at the game?

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