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by louthandproud on January 16, 2017

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Victory in Dowdallshill yesterday.


Makes it a trio of 2017 wins.
Here is the main talking points

Squad on point

In this competition you are allowed unlimited subs which certainly helped our cause.
We finished strong as we empited the bench.
In three games we’ve increased the number of players blooded to 33.
With at least 3 more lads to come in it is Some going.
Decifering and cutting the panel will be a huge task going forward.

Our sponsors Statsports could have something to do with our fitness levels too, they are now working with the squad and are able to monitor every single player, similar to the energy bar that hovers above a player on FIFA on your playstation the statsports guys will know when a player is tiring rapidly and it is time to come off.


Louth are continuing to play their successful defensive system they played last year.
Despite this set up, we worryingly conceded  2-11 against a poor Division 4 side.

It could be down to the third game in seven days fatigue that the lads struggled for intensity or it could be a lot to do with the absence of our preferred sweeper. Derek Maguire.

Meath will provide the perfect litmus test: solid forwards, a weeks rest and Maguire starting.

Nelly Stand

Got a taste of the action last Sunday and it stood to him. As he started a Louth game for the very first time Ross Nally didn’t look out of place.
Some really classy free kicks, both out of hand and off the deck and one from play.

He actually grew into the game as the game went on and looked very comfortable out there.


Hard not to get excited about it, it really is…as usual build up for the big game will be up on LouthandProud all week.


You have to hand it Dowdallshill, they have a quirky little venue.
The place has a welcoming feel to it as you approach the stiles and especially when you do get inside the grounds and area behind the goals are immaculate.
As a small wee club they should be commended.

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