NFL Build UP Armagh Team Reaction

by louthandproud on March 27, 2015

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So Geezer has named his team last night


few surprises in there, well surprises we knew were coming.


Their two most influential players are fit to Start, Captain Ciaran McKeever in the Half Back line and the Mercurial Jamie Clarke in the corner.


Cross Duo again


I mentioned yesterday that Armagh still rely heavily on Cross duo but I mentioned they’d both play on the half forward line.
Kernan is named on the wing and Clarke is named in the corner.
Although closer to goal means Clarke is more dangerous but it suits us, as Pop can tie him down and he won’t have as much space as he would out in the half forward line.

Don’t be surprised if they both swap positions during the game.

McKeeve grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
We all remember the bottle squirting incident with Brian White, we all remember the influence he had on last years comeback in Drogheda.
Massive player and leader for Armagh, a captain you’d love to have on your side but hate to play against.
The gaunlet has been laid to Decky interesting to see how he copes.

Louth Team to named later on after training….i’ll have reaction to it and a Match Preview up tomorrow

also if oyu can go to the big game tomorrow at 7pm in Armagh
I’ll have a live Match feed.

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