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by louthandproud on September 26, 2014

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As the days go on and the Final comes all the closer


a separate narrative is beginning to emerge!

No, not the North/South Divide,

it’s not the underdogs versus the overwhelming favourites,

It’s not about Cloghers first and the Pats 6th!

It’s not the repeat of the 2012 final!

but, it is now emerging as an actual final audition for the Louth Managers job.

The dogs on the street reckon Dreadnots manager Kelly all but has the job but that but could be in fact Pats Manager  Fergal Reel!
Who’s case has been pretty impressive and if he leads the Pats again against Kelly whats happens then?

but, I want to ask you a simple question….

As a Louth fan who would you want?

Kelly or Reel?


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