‘My’ Team: Waterford Plus Switches

by louthandproud on February 4, 2016

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‘My’ team


to face Waterford

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injury toll

The way Tommy D and Decky left the field last Sunday. I suspect both won’t make a recovery in time for this weekends game.

Massive losses, literally, big men are needed as you go down the divisions, but both were in serious form already this season.

Tommy D has become our number 1 midfielder…his aerial ability and general size was a significant loss.
After he left the game we struggled to get a foothold in the middle of the field.

Decky on the other-hand, his loss will be felt going forward especially this Sunday.
His long range shooting is a massive asset of ours especially now the way we play under Crozier.

switches No1

Against Waterford I’d like to see Conor Grimes in his Tommy D’s role out around the middle.
He has the size and can use the freedom to have more of an influence on the game.
The way we played last weekend did nothing for his game. The too ball was slow and lacked directness for him to do damage.
If we are going to continue to play this system I can’t see his service improving especially as Jim was playing inside with him!

switches No2

Decky not only got on the end of moves he contributed to alot of trakcing back and was a kickout option too.
The nearest we have to that type of player is Gaels man James Stewart.
He started on the forty last week but dropped and ended up in the middle anyway.
Playing a freer role on the wing will suit him and the team better also.

We’ll need his covering for Derek Maguire’s sweeping and energy going forward on the counter attack.

switches No3

Last and Final switch, Jim McEneaney comes out the field to play the role as facilitator.
Linking the half-forward line and midfield with our two inside forwards.
It was non existent lack weekend.

His kick passing is key to making our way round or through packed defence’s.

Also, he can takeover the mantle for long range shooting left by Decky.


These switches are positional from the fifteen that started.

Who comes in?

The way the switches have worked out it leaves vacancies for our two inside forwards.

Gea McSorley came in the last day and his pace and movement was exactly what the team needed inside.
Ryan Burns gets the nod if fit, he was on the bench the last day but didn’t feature another weeks rest he might be okay.

If the Hunterstown man is not ready Ronan Holdcroft or Colm Judge should get the nod.

Lively, accurate and full of movement is what our inside players need to offer.
A combination of the any two above is what we need, suit our style and most importantly should cause Waterford problems on Sunday.

My team in full here:
myteamwaterford What do you think?

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