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by louthandproud on March 23, 2016

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Welcome to ‘My’ team LIVE


I’m picking my team as we speak…thanks for Tuning in!

So, first up who makes the Goals?

Simple answer really Craig Lynch

Next up…

Full Back Line.

Pencil Pop and Paddy Reilly in straight away…without any hesitation.

Pop has been solid as usual without being overly test in Division 4 Sunday he could end up marking a handful of top forwards but you’d trust him to come through in the big games.
Don’t be surprised if #inpopwetrust is used come Sunday evening.

Paddy Reilly has been a stand out performer for us at full back this year. The early season pressure for places from Davy Finn and David Quigley might have sharpened his focus. Its worked out well he’s lead the line and been a general leader in there under the system we now play too. Like Pop he’ll be tested more than anything else he’s faced in 2016 come Sunday.

The Other corner back place.
Now, this is tricky one…

Kevin Toner is all but out…he came off injured against the Jocks in the league last week hence the rest of the fixtures been changed and called off.
Very annoying for Kelly, as we now will face a tough forward line without a starting corner back!

That means a couple of players are in the mix for Sunday.

Anthony Williams, Davy Finn, David Cluskey, Kurt Murphy and Eoghan Lafferty could drop back.

I’ll go with Anthony Williams.
The Clogher man has struggled to find his groove this year with frustrating injury after injury. He’s the experience to come in and do a job Sunday.

Half Back Line.

Our half back line coincides with our Sweeper systems. So its 3 men and sweeper

The Sweeper being Derek Maguire we know this and Wexford will also know this so our other half back line members will have to drive forward more than normal to counter act Wexfords close attention to Derek.

By making the Wexford forwards defend, that on their own will be key to us winning the game on Sunday.

Derek Sweeper


Mochta’s Men 5 and 6 and Eoghan Lafferty number 7


Peach and Stewart have formed a solid partnership since the Carrick on Shannon cluster f**k!

They should be good to go again and I’d throw Tommy D in there as well for good measure.
He really impressed massively when introduced in Carlow too. Chopping at the bit why not throw him in the mix.


Those three should allow us to stifle Dathai Waters and hopefully Wexford’s supply into their dangerous forwards.

Half forward line well, defensive outlet line. Next.

I say defensive outlet line because in modern day Gaelic football its more about the role rather than the position these days. Reido and Jim get the nod. both will hug the touch lines and help to relieve our defensive system.



Don’t be surprised to see this line populated with numerous faces on or before Sunday…John Bingham, Ronan Holcroft, Conall McKeever, Ruairi Moore and even Cian Doyle could be needed to do a job in this labour intensive position role.

finally, Inside forward line is…

You’ve guessed it…


The key for Sunday and possibly our 4 forwards will be: give them space to cause problems while denying Wexford space in the meantime.

My Team in Full

jackcodylouthproud (2)
Thanks for sticking with twith the Live blog tonight hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll have TBT tomorrow with a Wexford flavour and reaction to the actual Louth team on Friday.

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louthandproud March 25, 2016 at 7:31 am

Typo-it should be Quigley from Roche

Red/Black March 24, 2016 at 2:19 pm

Who is David Cluskey you have mentioned?

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