The Likely (Louth) lads: My team for Longford ??

by louthandproud on February 8, 2017

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Do you change a winning team?

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I’ll pick my team to face Longford on Sunday, Can you pick yours?

decisions decisions decisions


Craig Lynch

Found his targets last week expertly.
Drogheda provides him with his greatest challenge. With 4 home games there if he overcomes it our league prospects improve greatly. thats how important Craig is to this team.

Full Back Line

Pop, Paddy Reilly, Kevin Carr
The only line of the team that could go unquestioned all year. Kevin Carr was excellent again marking his man and driving forward cleverly too while Paddy Reilly silenced a lot of his doubters Saturday on Kingston.


Derek Maguire
Was back to his influential self can he play the role well in Drogheda?

Half Back Line

Decky Byrne/James Stewart,Liam Dullaghan, Anthony Williams
After last week Dullaghan and Williams are certs for varying reasons. Dullaghan quiet and effective while Williams blazed a trail.

Now, the only position that comes  up for serious debate.
Do you start Decky or do you stick with Stewart?
Decky was suspended the last day out hence Stewart got in for the Dublin and Laois game in fairness to him he’s grasped it. Slightly more defensive than Decky, but you miss out on Decky’s long range shooting. I think you start Stewart and keep Decky in reserve as he could make quite the impact off the bench!


Andy McDonnell Tommy Durnin
Tommy Durnin everybody. What a development he’s made.
Being the Westerns main man he’s able to score off both feet and his fitness has shot up too.
Andy is the perfect foil for him and adds plenty to the partnership himself.

Half Forward Line

Ruairi Moore, Pepe Smith, Bevan Duffy;
How sensational were these three last week?
They won’t have it as easy Sunday, but they are full of confidence and ready for anyone.

Full Forward Line

Jim McEneaney, Ryan Burns
With Pepe getting all the plaudits.
These two boys link up play last Saturday was slightly overlooked.
Jim was a nuisance inside and dropping out deep all game. While Burnsey was a constant threat also.
The ball over the top and this combinations first outing bodes well.

My Team in Full

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 09.57.03

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