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by louthandproud on May 12, 2016

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‘My’ Team for Saturday Night.

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thanks for tuning in earlier.
Who would you pick? Join in with your suggestions too.

So here’s the background to the team. 3 players cannot be considered.
Captain Adrian Reid is definitely out with a wrist injury.
Tommy D has gone Shtatside for the summer so he has.
Eoghan Lafferty is exam tied so he can’t play either.

With those forced absentee’s here is ‘My’ team


Our official Number 1 is Craig Lynch. Very hard to see the Jocks man shifted from that position in the near future.
His kick-outs are varied and usually on the money. The fact he plays out field for the club gives his defence an added quiet vote of confidence behind them too. Thankfully, we have Gally pushing him all the way in Training and as able cover on the bench if needed.

Full backline

This line picks itself, or does it?
Pop and Paddy Reilly are shoe-in’s for selection here. Pop is now captain but his nefarious nature and experience back there is invaluable. Reilly had his best game of the year in the league in Dr Cullen Park marking their talisman and captain Darragh Foley. So we know what is expected.
The other corner back spot could present the unexpected.
There is up to six players that could take the spot.
In no particular order Kevin Toner, Anthony Williams, John Bingham, Davy Finn, David Quigley and Keith McLaughlin.
The impact Williams made off the bench in the league final gives him the nod on ‘my’ team


Who else? Derek Maguire.

Halfback line

The halfback line is key to how we play. They have to hold the shape, organise the system, mark their men, cover the runners and break forward whenever they can.
It’s a highly mobile and demanding place to play in the modern game.
Made up of two Mochta’s men and the O’Mahonys Keith McLaughlin.
Our three players fit the job detail quite well.


I mentioned the proposed threat of Carlow’s Midfield of Gannon and Murphy yesterday. In the league they were picked up by Peach and Stewart. In fact they forged their partnership in that game this season. They know who and what they’ll face on Saturday evening better than anyone.

Best not to mess with a good thing so.

Half Forwards

Now the half forward line. More importantly who is the Tommy D replacement?
Do Kelly go for Like for Like with another midfielder slash half forward like Bevan Duffy or somebody alternative to Tommy D altogether?
I go with the latter and Ruairi Moore’s Energy and tenacity around the pitch makes up for the Westerns man aerial threat and attacking runs.
Ruairi has bided his time this season, coming on as a sub in every game, that cameo impact off the bench will stand to him on Saturday night.

Else where Jim’s dynamism will be needed to lead the line on the forty while Conall’s hard running and free kick winning game is a vital cog now for us.

Inside line

The last time these lads played Carlow they were sluggish but still scored 2-5.
Daniel St Ledger, BJ Molloy and Kieran Nolan have been throwing darts at their faces ever since that league game.
It was the two lads first time starting together in 2016 and it showed. They’ve come on a lot since then and they’ll need to be.
Afterall this is Championship.


A surprise might be needed to throw a spanner into Carlow’s works and it’s no harm to have a spark ready going into Saturday night.
Luckily, we have options.
mycarlowteam (2)
Able cover at the back. If things aren’t going well in the middle Bevan Comes in or Jim and Decky switch either.
Up front, we have match winners on the Bench, Colm Judge McSorley and goal getter Cian Doyle too.


That concludes ‘My’ Team thanks to everyone for tuning in
I’ll have a reaction to the official team tomorrow. It is scheduled to be named tonight.

My Team in Full

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John big May 13, 2016 at 6:22 am

No D Maguire with his run from deep surely has to make the team ?

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