‘My’ Final Team Part 2

by louthandproud on April 21, 2016

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Naming the second part of ‘My’ Team for Saturdays final


I don’t envy CK picking his team. I really don’t

If you missed part 1 yesterday click here

Part 2

I could be safe and pick the same personnel and just hope for the best.

but I’m not.

I’ve gone for a bold defensive line up.
Bold as in basing selections around 2 slash 3 key match ups with their forwards.
Bold as in dropping regulars to do so.

I’ve highlighted the importance of Michael McCann and Kevin Niblock in Tuesday’s opposition report.

We need to be clinical and ruthless in doing so.


Key Match up 1

Michael McCann will start full forward but won’t play there. The Cargin man will want to take his traditional number 3 at full back for a spin out the field. That suits us.

Paddy Reilly picks him up from the start and sticks to him like would if he was on the edge of the square. The added bonus is, Paddy is used to playing further out the field the last time he played in Croker he started on the wing for us. Paddy can cope with McCann in the air also as he is kickout option for Chris Kerr.

Key Match up 2

Kevin Niblock is their mercurial talent, he savours the big games and is always liable to be a match winner. What better player to snuff this out than Pop.
He’s marked the best there is and will relish a battle with the Galls man.

Niblock will more than likely drift out the field to try and create if he does Pop can still go man to man as we will have men back under our system and Derek Maguire will be sweeping anyway.

Key Match up 3

Although not mentioned in depth this week.
CK and Louth players will be well aware of the threat Tómas McCann brings.

He’s pacy, direct and accurate.
A dangerous combination especially in Croke Park.

So dangerous that it requires dropping someone.
Anthony Williams comes in from the cold in the place of Darren McMahon.
Darren a specialist number 6 loses out in the shake up and the athletic Clogher man gets the task of picking up Tómas for Saturday afternoon.
The fact Williams can play either corner or wing back is crucial  as that versatility will be needed as McCann goes from line to line whenever he feels so.

Complete Defence

The others places go to Pats duo Kevin Toner and Eoghan Lafferty ahead of Keith McLaughlin on the same versatility grounds as Williams while Decky drops back as usual to right half to allow Derek to sweep.

Which overall makes us quite fluid in defence in any situation while enabling our counter attacking game plan too.

What are our  Options?

Off the bench, we have plenty of options.

Previously mentioned McMahon and McLaughlin but, the 4 other players on the bench actually started against Antrim in the last round and acquitted themselves rather well.

So if needed we can confident they can do a job.


Thanks for reading folks…should have a team reaction tomorrow if they name the team tonight.

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Crispytoes April 22, 2016 at 5:53 pm

Keith McLoughlin has to and will start in my opinion. Also think Kut Murphys pace would match up well to their nippy corner forward. Wouldn’t have peach in the middle. Big game from Jim Mc

Wayne April 21, 2016 at 7:53 am

Well written, It’s the first team selection that I have agreed with. Thanks for all your input and articles over the last few months. An Lu Abu.

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