‘My’ Final Team Part 1

by louthandproud on April 20, 2016

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Naming ‘My’ Team for the final


It’s nothing like you’ve seen before.

When picking ‘My’ team there was one large factor etched into my thought process that was Croke Park.

Croke Park

Not the place, arena or pressures the Mecca brings but, quite simply the pitch.

The pace of which the games are played on the pitch at HQ makes what we know about the game go out the window, Gaelic football is a completely different game up there.
Then on top of that there’s the natural space Croke Park brings too.

These conditions have to acknowledged because Croke Park will be such a huge factor in deciding who takes home the Division 4 league.
If we master the pitch to suit our strengths we will have a great chance.

Take the Club finals as a perfect example, Ballyboden hammered a serious Castlebar outfit. There was nothing between the sides on paper but on grass it was a different story. Ballyboden had the edge pace wise and on the Croke Park pitch it gave them a match winning advantage.

Therefore, I’ve named a player with that rationale in mind without considering how a player will deal with their surroundings would be very naive indeed.

Up Front

Speaking of pace, I’m going to start with the forwards.

We play with five usually to give us space to thrive, so our lads are rubbing their hands with the prospect of Croke Park!

Center Half Forward
Gea McSorley
When you think of pace in the Louth squad the first name that springs to mind is Gea McSorley.
He starts on the forty for me.
1myteam (2)
From that position, He needs to drive at the Antrim rearguard and in Croker he can do so to devastating effect. He’s being doing it with the Gaels no reason why he can’t on Saturday.

The added bonus of an element of surprise in a final could be decisive too.

Conor Grimes and Ryan Burns
Grimes and Burnsey start inside and with recent club form if they get the nod they’ll feel they have something to prove which is great scenario for Louth supporters.

Half forwards
Conall McKeever
Jim McEneaney

I’ve lined our team up with 4 men across the middle.
Jim and Conall McKeever drop off the half forward line to help out Peach and James Stewart. Tommy D loses out, but is a great option to come in off the bench.

1myteam (3)
You need mobility and not only that in Croker but composure on the ball. Jim and Conall McKeever have both in abundance.
We should get to see Conall use his main asset open up the legs and go on a solo run which he has threatened to do all season. Jim can vary our attacks by finding his men with a footpass too. Attacking wise it keeps Antrim thinking at all time.

They’ll have to upkeep their defensive duties too but as we seen with Cluxton both lads will have to double up as kickout Options also. Craig Lynch has the potential to pick them out too.

Colin kelly boasts plenty options to come into this area too.
Previously mentioned Tommy D but C Judge, Cathal Bellew, Dan O’Connell, Ruairi Moore are all mobile

James Stewart and Peach
They have formed a solid partnership complementing each others game to good effect. The two lads coming in for kickouts will lighten the load too.


Match ups and Defence in Part 2

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