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by louthandproud on June 17, 2014

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Thanks for all the Comments yesterday some really good points and well thought out too.


I just want to clarify…

My Moan is the sensationalism of getting rid of a manager and the fact it deflects the attention away from our underage and overall county development.

Look at Carlow’s positive reaction to their Epic  loss.
no mention of getting rid of Anthony Rainbow just a focus on the conveyor belt.

We need to accept where are first, it is on then before we can progress.

Factors Behind the dismal League Record

We certainly had a bad League but lets go through the teams we faced.

Armagh-Ulster Semi Finalists
Donegal-Ulster Finalists
Monaghan-Ulster Semi Finalists
Meath-Leinster semi Finalists
Galway-Connacht finalists

5 of these 7 teams are provincial semi finalists and finalists.
More than likely all but one these teams will finish in the top 12 this year.

Laois-Leinster quarter finalists, Sure they ran Dublin Close but they weren’t relegated were they.
Down-took our next opponents Tyrone to a replay we’ll be able to gauge this better after we play Tyrone.

How all of this is down to the manager?

Not to mention we were missing important players all the way true and we needed everyone to stay up.


We need to accept where are first, it is on then before we can progress.


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louthandproud June 17, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Of course he is
Nothing changes, if Nothing changes

Declan Garry June 17, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Jaysus Dan, dont go there. So you think AOR is trying to play winning football?

louthandproud June 17, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Thanks again for the comment Declan

I think that’s the disconnect people are having with Modern football.

Between Playing ‘good football’ and ‘winning football’

Declan Garry June 17, 2014 at 12:42 pm

My view remains the same on the manager. With the players we have we should be doing better. We were 9 points up against Armagh and he took the foot off the pedal, took off our 2 best players on the day and we ended up drawing the game, and nearly lost it – this set the tone for the campaign. Our next game was also at home to a Laois side that we hammered last year in the championship, and they beat us. The way we are playing is my problem and that is down to the manager. Supporting Louth all my life, most of the time if we loose we loss well – playing good football and getting stuck in. I have not seen this at all this year, and therefore the manager must be to blame. Either his methods are wrong or he is not getting them across to the team. Another delegate from the Plunketts at the same meeting made the point that the ground level coaching is going well and we are teaching children to play good football. You then cant ask the senior team, or the players that have come through that system to play a completely different way. That is where we are, and I cannot see O’Rourke turning it around. I am not in to knee-jerk sack the manager stuff, but I cannot see how else it changes. If I could see any green shoots from what he is trying to do, of course I would support him. But I dont see any. Only orange ones based on negative, defensive forms of play, and we cant even play negatively well………..

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