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by louthandproud on May 17, 2014

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After weeks of speculation, build up and excitement .

Finally, the Championship is here! (and my new blog!)

I, for one, can’t wait!

Louth Vs Westmeath 7pm
Cusack Park, Mullingar.

League form has been packaged away,it’ can’t handle the blistering pace of the Championship.
Both teams had poor campaigns but are conscience to the fact for them the league was just there for a vehicle of preparation for today.
It wasn’t just about results, Who used it more wisely? who found out more about themselves will tell in fleeting moments if the players are put in the same scenario again.

In fairness to AOR, we played the same system every game minus a full deck so we’ll be well versed and each player will know the role. I’m banking on this familiarity of the system to stand to us. Westmeath under Bealin are not as regimented and it may cost them when it matters.

The night factor is going to add to the atmosphere also, and special players rise to this sense of occasion. Look no further than our own PK and Lenno to shine under the Mullingar stars. Westmeath will look to St Lomans clubmates Paul Sharry and John Heslin to carry them over the line.
With this many special players on show at least  the game will be entertaining!

where will the  game go?

I think we can do it, It’s going to be a really tough ask, but I feel our set up combined with a tight pitch and no real pressure going into the game will give our lads the freedom to play.

We don’t fear Westmeath.Mullingar.
We only fear ourselves. today, the Shackles are off lets do it lads!


Things to expect:Dessie Dolan Diving,Martin O’Rourke cuddling a linesman, Bressie singing at half time, A star being born and some vintage PK point taking.

Interesting Fact: Dessie Dolan, Derek Maguire, Brian White and Brian Donnelly once upon a time were all teammates, for Donegal Boston in 2012, they were defeated in the Boston Senior Final that year also.

Thanks for Reading L&P

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louthandproud May 18, 2014 at 11:09 am

Point 1 Totally agree Tony …I mention it in the ‘Mullingar Ambush’
Point 2 I think if he knew himself he couldn’t catch it so he tried to flick it down to the free man….could be a new see alot of teams doing it now. Usually the player who makes the catch gets bottled up and penalised. thanks for your comments!

Tony Carroll May 18, 2014 at 8:05 am

Does anyone agree that we had a problem marking Denis Glennon. Thankfully Glennon had a bad game but from a Louth supporter’s perspective, I feel we really need to examine why he was given so much space. Also Declan Byrne deliberately palmed the ball down on a few occasions and in my opinion he would have been far better off catching it (which he is well capable of doing), is this palm it down a new strategy from management.

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