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by louthandproud on June 26, 2014

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you have 2 jobs, Louth


2 jobs.

I’m purposely keeping it simple this week.

Sean Cavanagh and Mattie Donnelly are Tyrone’s Game winners

We all know how dangerous Cavanagh is….he’ll win free’s(dive), kick free’s, go on a solo run, sets up goals and kick points from distance. Donnellyat half back since he moved there at the latter stages of the league has been a revelation. Laying behind midfield he drives them forward and has grown to become a real leader.

We need to stop them. Easier said than done I know, but it has been done. We can use the Monaghan Template.

Vinny Corey along with Monaghan’s two midfielders crowded Cavanagh out. While Paudie McKenna picked up Mattie Donnelly but not to great effect.
Derek Maguire can do a better job. He done a job on Paul Sharry no reason why he can’t be trusted on Saturday to carry out a similar job on Donnelly.
More than likely AOR sticks with Crilly at centre back,  he can do the job also with the help of his midfield and wing forwards in front of him. Crowding Cavanagh out the field and frustrating him. Mick Fanning could feature heavily in this ploy also.


By forcing these lads to do things they don’t like like defending it will take their mind of their normal task.
When we have the ball our markers attack and drag them deep away from their own goals.
When we don’t have the ball we double up on them overcrowd them.
All the time not letting them grow into the game and all the time frustrate them.

If we switch off for a second these two boys will punish us. The Double Tyrouble threat will take some stopping but having a strategy will at least focus our lads to contain there influence and will go along way in giving us a chance of a shock.

Do you agree? Who would you like to pick these men up with?

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