Marking Assignments:Kildare

by louthandproud on June 5, 2014

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AOR got these match ups near perfect the last day…hopefully he can do it again.

Marking Assignments_Kildare(1)

I would go with the above, I’ll explain why…

Baring in mind the Kildare team has not been named yet….this is speculation on what I think they’ll go with.
We know Podge Fogarty and Darroch Mulhall are more than likely out so here goes.

SpearHead, literally

So I’ll start with the Spearhead of their attack Tomas O’Connor, he’ll lead the line of the Kildare attack and Dessie will go with him.
He has caused Dessie and most full backs problems with his brute strength but he is still familar to Dessie having marked him last season and in 2010 in Navan.
Also with Mick lying front of our full back line it means Dessie won’t be left exposed or left O’Connor in for goal that easily.

Inside Line.

Pop goes on Paddy Brophy who was a revelation for them in the league, while Jobser follows the nippier Niall Kelly. It makes sense size wise and pace wise too. I’d be confident that we should get to grips with them and it’s important we do.
Their inside line will have something to prove on Sunday without John Doyle so we need to put doubts in there in heads straightaway.

Wing man

On the wing is usally where Sean Hurley plays for Kildare although a midfielder Kildare like the option of him on the wing for kickouts and an extra body around the middle. An extra body he really is, cause he’ll be the tallest player in Croke park by a mile. Patrick Reilly is strong in the air and mobile enough to cause him problems going forward.
If Hurley is emposing himself too much on the game we have options…Crilly can swap with Reilly or Mick can pick him up and allow Reilly to sweep or better again Crilly to sweep.

Other wing, Reido picks up the industrious Cathal McNally who, I think will possibly be making his Championship debut.

Top Assignment

Eoghan O’Flaherty is their most talented forward and freetaker.
Marking Assignments_Kildare_StopFlah
He’ll try and orchestrate things from the forty. Similar to Sharry for Westmeath if we stop him we’ll go along way in trying to beat Kildare.

Does Crilly pick him up and man mark him or does debutant Reilly do it? There is always Mick Fanning.For me Crilly goes on him, extra tight with the safety blanket of either Mick or Reilly sweeping.

But, bottom line is and bottom line in this piece for extra importance,
O’Flaherty needs to be stopped.

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