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by louthandproud on March 25, 2016

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This is the big one. The 3pm Easter Sunday Showdown on our doorstep.

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Lets hope the home support gets out to support the lads.

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I can’t believe it’s finally here. The Wexford game.

We’ve trudged through January and February and finally now at the end of March the real test is upon us.

Maybe the loss to Leitrim was a good thing?

Instead of going into this penultimate game with 10 points on the board we now have 8, but with a fully locked on mentality.

This is it, this is a win at all costs 70+ minutes match.
The costs for this county are so bad I don’t want to go there.

15 and more

Neither County announced their team to the public as yet.
There must have been a Good Friday media ban.

Both Managers are fairly consistent in their team selections.
Colin Kelly has not varied away from his first 15 barring injury or suspension.
The same doesn’t necessarily apply to David Power Wexford manager.

The thing is, Wexford have struggled to get their main men all fit at the same time this season.
Ciaran Lyng is only coming back, while Dathai Waters and PJ Banville have picked up knocks in alternate weeks leading up to this game.
They might hold them in reserve and have done in the past few games to good effect.

As a result their subs have made impacts on each game positively. We’ll have to keep a close eye on their switches.
Say Lyng comes on Pop will have to go on him straightaway.
Ben Brosnan will usually end up inside when a forward is introduced.
Rob Tierney is their first defender on.
They’ve 3 Rossiters on the panel not sure that’s a technical matter but just thought I’d throw that in there.


We’ve played with a system all year we’ve defended quite well all year with it.
The way we’ve set up may have been overly cautious at times but in the long term it is for days like Sunday.

We know for a fact they struggled to break down a system like ours.
The Antrim game. Their only loss this season.
They dominated possession but were not able to turn it into scores.

That was 3 games ago. They haven’t faced anything of that structure since. They might be expecting it but we’ll hopefully bring the intensity to frustrate them again.


If anything, learning to attack under the new system has been the real learning curve and my main reason for optimism on Sunday.
We’ve learned to be patient throughout this campaign and our forwards have learned how to get into positions best to score.
Ciaran Lyng will have a say in things he always does.

I haven’t even mentioned the repercussions of Division 4 for another season because I just don’t want to go there. It would be just unthinkable unfathomable really and talks of disaster is not what you need going into battle.

You need to be fearless and full of confidence.
After the Leitrim and then Carlow game I think we are both.

Come Sunday I think we’ll hang on to get over the line. just.

If not. let the repercussions be begin.

Interesting Fact

Matty Forde is a selector with Wexford and he played in 2004 against our now selector Ollie McDonnell.

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