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by louthandproud on June 4, 2014

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and there is loads!


You have to hand it to AOR….

He doesn’t stick with the same team for the sake of it when others would be quite happy to go with the same fifteen that defeated Westmeath.

His selection process keeps the players on their toes and it seeks gradual imprisonments in performance from game to game and opposition to opposition.

Here’ the main talking points

O’Hare loses out
The Naps man had the difficult task of picking up the pacy Glennon the last day and having looked at the Westmeath game again and again on DVD AOR might have thought it would be best to drop him.
JOBser goes into the full back line and for me makes that line tighter and O’Hare on the bench with something to prove might not be a bad option for the team.

Burnsey not picked again
It is no great surprise or controversy that Burnsey is not starting considering the big week he’s having. However it is a talking point, He might not feature at all come Sunday, and who could argue with that decision. The last thing needed for his young mind is the pressure to perform  in Croke Park the weekend instead of cramming. Then again who said he’d feel the pressure at all!

Donnelly in the middle
The Cooley man gets the nod having been left out the last day but this is typical of AOR selecting horses for courses. Yes, Donnelly’s mobility in Croke park might be a worry but his great hands isn’t. He’ll be isolated for kickouts by Gally and looked upon to provide a platform for us around the middle that the course for this kickhams horse. Good ploy.

Reilly at half back
What better place to make your first championship start than Croker? He’s gained alot of experience in the league and been pushing for a start against Westmeath so he’s more than ready. He’s flexible enough to play anywhere around the middle but right half means he can face the ball and drive forward that bit easier and that will be great for the confidence too. Another thing, he’s played Kildare already this season for UCD in the O’Byrne cup he’ll have first hand experience of what to expect handy for a debutant.

Grimes ahead of Lennon?
Is this tactical? Is there an injury to Lennon? Is this talking point based on form and not reputation?
Regardless of all these questions I love the boldness of it. Asking the young buck to lead the line is bold but he’s good enough and the fact that he’s been backed by management gives him extra confidence to go out and do his stuff! Having Shane Lennon to come in also makes our impact of the bench even more dynamic.

Fanning in the corner
Mick certainly won’t be staying inside pulling the strings that’s for sure. Mick will plonk right in the middle of our midfielders and filter back, break up the play. The fact that he has been named in the corner and not midfield again gives Donnelly a boost for one and Mick gets rewarded and a green light to do the same job again.

Maguire on the wing
Derek showed the last day how devastating he can be. Five points from play, that all came from picking up Sharry on the forty and moving inside on occasions.  So he can now be trusted to performance out there or more central if needed or inside as the closet forward  to Grimes. It great for us as it gives us options and keeps Kildare constantly guessing also!

All in all alot of positives there….it is a hard working team that will go toe to toe with Kildare’s athletic ability but specific player’s with specific roles will keep Kildare guessing and us loads of options.

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