Louth Senior Champions 2014

by louthandproud on September 29, 2014

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The Joe Ward Resides in Lordship again….here’ the breakdown.

You have to feel for the Dreadnots, in hindsight they never stood a chance.

Their underdog factor sucked me in and of course they could have done it but this Pats team is a different breed of football team this county has ever seen.

They are always in control, but they also give the opposition the impression of hope that they could have done it when in all reality the Pats will never let you win.

Unlike a cat toying with their prey, where the prey has a chance to escape. The Pats are like an Anaconda. Once they have you, they have you.
Always in control, they slowly but surely suck the life out of you.
That is exactly what happened the second half yesterday, they squeezed the life out of the hapless Dreadnots.

Full credit to the Pats, they were the best team in Louth all season, starting the second half a point down they showed why!
The first period of the second half is now dubbed the ‘championship quarter’ the green and Whites got right into it after the restart with 3 points in a row regained their lead and that was that.

They play the Donegal system so well and in Eoin O’Connor they have a Michael Murphyesque player for that system.

Here’s his goal…strength to finish and superb move it was too.

There is no doubt the chap is talented, you could see it in him from the warm up he was in the zone and has a touch of class about him anyway.

Is he the man to carry on PK’s mantle now for club and county?

Speaking of PK, when needed, he delivered for the Pats be it plucking a high ball or popping up with a late score.

The Pats will now look to the win league first and then to Leinster where they could face old foes Rhode who play Edenderry in the Offaly senior final.

Congrats St Patricks the Louth Senior Champions 2014.

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