Louth JFC Final

by louthandproud on September 14, 2014

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It all comes

Here’s my preview

The two best teams in junior this year face off to be senior champions….it’s been a long journey for the Plunketts and they’ve learned how difficult getting to a decider can be…

Interestingly the Glen Emmetts caused a major shock in 2012 by beating the Plunketts before going on to win it that year…so although the Plunketts are favourites the Tullyallen men winning will not be a shock.

Both teams have improved in the past few seasons…adding some nice youthful talent in Conor Grimes and James Butler and while Plunketts have some recent louth minor winners in their ranks.

Surprisingly, for favourites the Plunketts will lack the big game day experience compared to Tullyallen men who’ve been there done that 2 years ago….they’ll know what to expect and make the contest even more even!

Where the Plunketts could struggle is up front, and it has been their downfall in the past few seasons is they have no talismatic forward but they haven’t had one all year…and learned and they’ve got over line…today will be there sternest test and I think will pass it.

They did pass it…just.

winning 2-6 to 9

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