Louth JFC Final GAA players Prediction’s Part 1

by louthandproud on September 11, 2014

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As you can tell from my predictions lately I’m usually not the man to read!
So I’ve drafted in players from the junior grade to fill you and me in! Enjoy!

The questions were as follows
1. How was the standard of Junior this year, would you change the format?
2. Who was the best player in junior this season?
3. Who will win on Sunday and why?

Ian Mulroy, Lannleire

1. How was the standard of Junior this year?

Some great games played this year. Most teams producing serious talent in their forwards, guys that take hard marking and not just in the top four. Unfortunately there were many games this year that should have been a bit tighter, when the likes of the Barrs, Emmets and Plunketts ran away with games which is no good to anyone and left teams kicking themselves knowing they can produce a lot more. Overall the standard is improving and I’m hopeful for a much closer competition next year.

2. Who was the best player in junior this season?

No player actually lighting up the stage this year. Impressed with a couple of guys well able to take responsibility during big games. James Butler (Buttsy) for the Emmets. Also Tommy Durnin for the Westerns. I can’t pass this question without mentioning our own Carlos Lambe of LannLeire who produces the goods week after week.

3. Who will win on Sunday and why?

Hard to call, have to say Glen Emmets. Very good at playing until the final whistle and not drifting in and out of games, relying on purple patches. Plunketts might just feel a bit of pressure going into the game. Best of luck to both teams.

Noel Finnegan, Dowdallshill GFC

Junior was competitive this year with the exception of 1 or 2 teams anyone could beat anyone.

Difficult to say, I can’t remember any outstanding performances to note.

Plunkets, they realised getting out of junior is extremely difficult but after finally getting past the semi final i think they will win on Sunday.

Aonghus Giggins, Stabannon Parnells

1. Standard was pretty similar to other years. 1 or 2 teams well ahead as the table obviously shows. Can’t see how splitting junior league, as is being suggested, would improve the championship performances of weaker teams. Personally I’d like to see league format similar to that in Meath where 2nd teams can get promoted & allow teams find their level, obviously hard to implement/enforce & unlikely to happen

2. Tommy Durnin, Conor Grimes

3. Plunkets – strong & mobile team. Playing at higher level & lessons from previous years failures.

Nicholas Butterly, St Finbarrs

1.  Mixed standard in junior as shown by the results. Some of the top teams had some very easy wins in the group stages which is no good for the winners or losers. Hopefully some of the weaker teams will improve next year with new young talent!

2.  Excluding anyone from my own team (Finbarrs) the best player on show was probably Robert Brodigan -Oliver Plunketts/Conor Grimes – Glen Emmets. Both similar style players who are very strong and physical and strong runners with the ball in hand. Will be interesting to see if they mark each other in the final. Another one to watch would be pacy forward Dean Carolan from the Plunketts.

3.  It will be a tough physical battle in the middle third where I think the Oliver Plunketts have a slight advantage. They are battle hardened from some tough games in division 2 and a tough semi final. Good manager and options from the bench. One thing that emmets do have over the plunketts is experience of winning a final from 2years ago while plunketts haven’t won an adult championship since 1985! Plunketts to edge it by 2-3 pts.

Robbie Coyle, John Mitchells

The standard was just ok there is a gulf in class between Finbarrs, Emmets Plunkets and the rest I would change back to the old format i.e. bottom two teams in inter go down and league and championship winners go up.
This championship and league being ran apart does not work! Last year the Plunkets were playing senior league and junior championship it was very unfair and should not be happening the group stage knockout format is grand no problems there.

For me, the best player i seen this year was Tommy Durnin of the westerns the chap has it all can score off either foot good in the air strong on the ball

On sunday I fancy the Plunketts to get it done this time Colm Coyle has them looking sharp and focused this year plus, playing a higher grade in the league should stand to them.

Plunketts 4 Emmets 1

Tommy Durnin, Westerns

1. I thought the standard was good some tough games. I do think it’s hard for weaker teams to compete getting beat by 10 points or more. It knocks your confidence and belief as a team.

2. Conor Grimes, William Woods

3. Glen Emmett’s. I feel when we played them they were very fit with lots of people that can stand up and take scores. They also have a huge squad and players on the bench that are as better or better than lads on the pitch. I think the Emmett’s by 3 points will win.

So there you have it Plunketts 4 Emmets 2

all clubs were contacted

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Anon September 16, 2014 at 1:44 pm

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