Louth Gaa Senior Final Build Up:Form Guide

by louthandproud on September 23, 2014

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So, who had the toughest route?

Dreadnots Road

First Game:14 to 2-12 Pats L
Last Group Game: 11 to 1-8 Naomh Martin D
Quarter:Cooley 1-13 to 1-9 W
Semi:Gaels 11 to 1-8  D
Semi Replay: Gaels 16 to 13 Gaels W

Verdict: Although they were beaten by the Pats in their opening  game, Clogher showed some  really encouraging signs in that game that would be evident  throughout their campaign.

They came back at the Pats and had them troubled in stages in that game, they came back to salvage draws with Monasterboice and the Gaels.

The route shows Clogher have serious Character and they won’t go away and ultimately hard to beat and don’t know when they are beaten, as underdogs that will stand them at good stead.

Pats Road

First Game:3-11 to 8 Naomh Martin W
Last Group Game 2-12 to 14 Dreadnots W
Quarter: Mattock 2-11 to 9 W
Semi:Blues 2-14 to 2-5  W

Verdict: The Pats being the Pats, made lightwork of the group stages but they felt they got a wake up call at the quarter finals stage against Mattock, which the Blues ended up paying for.

You could say, Unlike the Pats is their ability rack up high scores this year and especially goals. Minimum two a game and minimum 13 scores a game.

This scoring potency is quite scary for opposing teams and the timing of the goals especially  has also been a factor….early and late in the game. The early one stuns the opposition the late one kills them off, Ruthless.

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