Louth GAA IFC Semi Final Replay

by louthandproud on September 26, 2014

in Club

Kind of the forgotten semi really…


here’s my preview

The reason I say the forgotten is the way the drawn game was slotted in last thursday night!
Didn’t show much concern for club players who may have to get off work early and then even go into work the following day!

So at least tonight’s game is a Friday night and the players can at least have a free Saturday to look forward to.

The game itself will be hard to call….the Joes came back from the dead like a good horror movie villian to snatch a draw. The O’Mahonys will feel they should have taken care of business.
Because of that both teams will not even be concerned about getting to a final but they will just want to beat one another!

The O’Mahony’s should slay the Joes monster tonight!

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