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by louthandproud on October 8, 2014

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The  Players in the Intermediate grade have their say

Alan Landy, Hunterstown Rovers.
Sean O’ Mahonys will obviously be delighted to be in a championship final and every bit as glad to see the back of the Joes which I see as a strength they can carry with them. Never say die, play to the final whistle and if it comes down to a dogfight they can use this experience to their advantage.

They have a match winner in Kilcoyne and in Jobser and McLaughlin they have a great springboard for attacks.

The Fechins have gone about their business quietly and have improved alot since their 1st round draw with Na Piarsaigh. Holcroft has been in great form and they’ll hope he continues this in the final.
They won Div 3 and junior championship in consecutive years and have progressed nicely with the same group of players this is a strength in itself, they’ve won together and progressed together and besides the long lay off I see them being fresher and just having the edge.

Verdict: St Fechins


Darren McMahon, Mochta’s.

Strengths- Sean O’Mahony’s 

Probably the most physical side in Intermediate. Because of their senior league status they are used to playing a higher standard of football and are the strongest tackling side in the championship. They can mix it up too, and have shown this year that they can play a good brand of football to back up their strong defensive set-up.
Strengths- Fechins

Pretty obvious- a water-tight defensive system. Fechins have conceded 0-34 in four games in this year’s championship, an average of just over 8 points a game. They rarely concede goals and usually score around 0-11 per game on the counter attack, which means that they are a highly efficient and frustrating team to play against.

Players to watch- Sean O’Mahony’s
The obvious player to watch is John O’Brien who has dominated games from no.6 this year, but the chief attacking threat is Stephen Kilcoyne. He scored a crucial goal in the semi final and is in great form. If Fechins can tie him up they’ll win the game, if they don’t, O’Mahonys are guaranteed scores.
Players to watch- Fechins
Ronan Holcroft is the main scoring outlet for Fechins but Bevan Duffy orchestrates attacking moves as well as doing defensive work. He has a great engine and is a physical presence in midfield. He could pop up with a vital score if the O’Mahonys midfield lose concentration as the game progresses
Who’ll win?
Thomas MacNamee has done a great job with this Fechins team and they’ll go close Sunday, but if the O’Mahony’s show the hunger and energy that got them through to the final, as well as tactical intelligence to break down the defensive wall and the ability to take their chances, they’ll edge it.

Sean O’Mahony’s by 2

Paul Crewe, Clans.

Both teams base their gameplans around getting bodies behind the ball and breaking at pace. Kick outs and breaking ball is the key. Fechins are especially good at scoring from kick outs. Expect the middle third to be saturated and whoever wins the battle there should lift the cup.
Players to watch

Neither team relies heavily on one or two players and that’s why they are here today but both possess some good individuals.

The Fechins key man is Niall Devlin. He plays one one man full forward line and runs all day for them. I had a great battle with him up there in the league. The O mahoneys should put their tightest man marker on him.
For the o mahoneys it’s Stephen fisher. He has been given a free role this year and he was very destructive against dyi earlier this year so again the Fechins must give him close attention.
Who will win?

Such a tough one to answer and don’t be surprised if there’s a replay (or two). For me I think the Fechins will shade it. I think the Fechins intensity around the middle will help them knick it by 2pts 0-11 0-09.

Derek Maguire, DYI.
Both Team Strenghts;

Both teams play an effective defensive system, however the Fechins play a more extreme, Donegal style, system which the O’Mahony’s forward line could struggle to break down if the ball is not moved fast from defence. On the flip side both teams have forwards who can score namely Tiernan Kilcoyne and Ronan Holcroft.

Players to look out for;

Besides the obvious Peter nixon, John O’Brien, Tiernan Kilcoyne, Ronan Holcroft and Bevan Duffy there are a couple of players to look out for.

Keith McLaughlin and Conor Finnegan for the O’Mahony’s and for the Fechins Niall Devlin and David Collier.

Who will win?

The outcome of the game could depend heavily on how Kilcoyne and Holcroft perform on the day for their respective teams, and how much support they will get from their team mates.
In my opinion its the O’Mahony’s to lose considering the expierience of team namely John O’Brien and Peter Nixon.
Best of Luck to both teams.

Cormac Malone, Naps.


I think Sundays game will be a tight contest as defensively both teams are very strong and don’t concede too much.
St Fechins have conceded the least amount of scores in Intermediate this year, sitting top of the table with 8 wins from their 10 games, so confidence should be high going into the game.
Ronan Holcroft has been the danger man for the Fechins in the past few years and if he is on his game this week, both from play and placed kicks they will have every chance.
The Sean O’Mahonys have an equally impressive defensive record this yr with only St Pats & Gaels having better records in the Top division, but winning games has been there problem. They have great experience in the likes of John O’Brien & David Dowling but some exciting young players too.
I think the 3 match marathon with The Joes in the semi final coupled with their senior league experience should JUST make them favourites and I tip them to win a low scoring contest by the 1-2 points.


Robert Sansom, Joes.

Fechins tackling is top notch they can crowd you out without giving away to many frees!
It will take a large effort from SOM players to find scores from open play!
SOM on the other don’t know when they are beat and will keep driving and driving and can not only wear teams down but have players who can change a game in a second.
Kilcoyne is the danger man for the SOM very good at winning ball out in front and drawing a fowl, if not martialled he will kick points for fun
And Bevan Duffy for the Fechins his ability in the air and powerful running I feel will cause massive problems for the less dynamic midfield.

Fechins to win. narrowly.

Patrick Reilly, Brides.


Both teams are very similar in set up and have similar strengths. They both play a running game, getting men behind the ball and breaking out of defence with pace and then delivering the ball into their pacy inside forwards.
Thomas Mac likes to have his team compact from their 45 back, while the O’Mahony’s forwards work hard to stop the opposition from building fast to give them time to get set up defensively. So I believe its going to be a low scoring game and when the chances come, they have to be taken.

Key Men
Stephen Kilcoyne – He is the man who they’ll look towards for scores. He is in good form which is unbelievable considering he hasn’t played much football in the last two years due to illness.

John O’Brien – Leader. Experienced. Drives his team on from the centre half position and barks out the orders when setting up the defence.

St Fechin’s
Ronan Holdcroft – Like Kilcoyne, he is their scorer in chief. Very accurate from dead balls so the O’Mahony’s need to be disciplined.

Bevan Duffy – Big, mobile and physical. Very good carrier of the ball and is among the fittest players in county.

Who’s Going to win?
Intermediate Finals are very hard to win as we found out last year so its important both teams grasp the opportunity. As I’ve said its going to be a low scoring game but I can’t look past the O’Mahony’s. They’re after having 3 tough championship games again the Joes which will stand to them, compared to the Fechins who haven’t played a championship game for more than a month. The O’Mahony’s are physically strong in the middle third (along with Conor Crawley drifting in and out from the square) which will also help to give them the advantage.


There ya have it Folks, Fechins 3 SOM 4.
The Intermediate players have spoken….thanks to all the lads.

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