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by louthandproud on February 9, 2015

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I will be discussing the major talking points from yesterdays win all morning


Don’t miss out make sure to read and give your opinion.

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The Goal

Clare loved a short kickout and building from the back, all the forwards worked and had to work tirelessly.
Reido back in the forwards overall workrate in particular sums up why we won the game. The goal after a Burnsey turnover was the icing on the cake.

First Win

Louth’s fifth competitive game of 2015 and another loss wasn’t an option.
Colin Kelly who might not admit it, must have been feeling the pressure and the more the wait went on, it must have been playing on his mind.
However, it was worth the wait!!
Going back to basics worked a treat, the in-game switches too worked and the Bench also (more on that later)
The team lined out on paper with more of a balance about it and it came across all afternoon.
There was a clarity about our play for the first time this year.
Every player in every line looked comfortable and knew their job and what to do in most situations.
Credit to the manager for shifting the players back to natural habitats where they thrived.

A Marked difference

Our defence was solid and when it is solid, it gives confidence to the forwards out the field.
They then shoot freely and not feel the overwhelming pressure to score every.single.shot.

Already in the season this could be our fullback line, Toner snuffed out the Kilmacud man Pat Burke, Patrick Reilly again, looked assured.
Pop back in Cornerback looked right at home and I reckon he secretly enjoyed his tussle with David Tubridy in fact, I know he did!
Every time he broke out or won a challenge with Tubridy, it broke Clare’s spirit and gave us a boost.
Can we bring back the #inpopwetrust again?

Bench makin a Mark

Derek Maguire off the bench give us serious impact every single time….his power and tired defenders is the perfect combination. The other scorer off the bench Shane O’Hanlon made his first appearance of the year and also looked impressive.
All this means we have options, Ruairi Moore came in and impressed on his home ground also.

However it was the power play at the back that really gave us impetuous when the game was there for the taking.
James Stewart and Anthony Williams came in for Crilly and Darren O’Hanlon ran their legs off at wing back for 40ish minutes.
This power play was key to us keeping Clare scoreless for final half hour of the game.
Williams (above)in particular, was highly impressive in driving forward every chance he got!
he looks a real prospect.

Scores on the board

All bar one for our starting forwards scored yesterday that’s a massive confidence boost.

Conor Grimes scored 3 points, excellently taken off either foot, but it was the platform he gave us that set us up yesterday as predicted gave great support to Ryan Burns who really excelled when the game opened up late in the second half. Burnsy scored some serious long range points into the Drogheda united end.

Colm Judge switching from the corner to the forty keep Clare on their toes and it gave us badly needed variation as it looked like we were launching high ball after high ball into Conor Grimes. Judge has the intelligence to carry and link the play but can also do a job inside if needed.

Middle of field

A notable mention to our Midfield yesterday, Bevan Duffy did an excellent job on Gary Brennan.
Eoin O’Connor was excelling before injury struck. Looked like a possible elbow dislocation. Hopefully he’ll be okay for the rest of the campaign.
Declan Byrne and the O’Byrne cup midfield partnership finished the game and Decky actually came into the game as a result.
so we have competition and its bringing us on in that department.

Whats next

Great team performance and great to get our first win.
however, lets not get carried away either…. If I was offered a guaranteed place in Division 3 right now I’d take the offer.

There is a long way to go for this young team.
A tweeter asked the age profile

I worked out an average age of yesterday’s side including subs and it was 25.

Our next game is Wexford in three weeks’ time and should be our sole focus.

FortressDrogheda explained

I am not interested in this North/South Drogheda/Dundalk divide bullshit.

We are all one county and it’s small enough without bringing a petty made up split through it.

The Gaelic Grounds in Drogheda is our home ground, we have 3 more games there in the league and a Championship match.

Vital we win all those games.

Any advantage or edge to give us a better chance of winning there must be used.

#fortressDrogheda is symbolic to our home form which is crucial for 2015 season and the future of Louth GAA.

So remember this when you see the hashtag and maybe use it to help the lads.

Thanks for reading!

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Andy February 9, 2015 at 11:54 pm

motm judge, never saw him work as hard for this time of the year.
Dessie was up ther too, worth a shout with Duffy midfield if oconnor not fit, impressive until he went off Injured. hopefully job is back for Wexford and crilly fit for a full 70.
Reillys best game for the seniors as was burns and grimes a potent force going forward and a great future partnership.
Reid was excellent took his goal well.
Moore wasnt able to penetrate,would look to ohanlon, Stewart byrne in the half forward line to drive at defences and cut through.
Maybe a few more Jems to unearth the county’s not in as bad a shape as I thought.
We owe Wexford a batin, encouraging to see us finish out strong.
Maybe a win on the road and promotion is not out of the question.

s.m February 9, 2015 at 11:34 pm

I think the back line showed real technical ability in their tackling. For me that made me think that this Louth team has the potential to play at as high a level as they have over the past few years. They were much improved and great to watch yesterday.

Despite good tackling I think Finnegans decision making at key times saved the Clare half forwards from tearing us apart. The Clare half forward line had advanced movement and seemed much more settled than their opposite numbers when it came to knowing where they should be as the play advances. Also the gap, (like in alot of inter county games) between FForward and HF was absolutely huge in the Louth team. Fair play to Grimes and Burns for keeping the line moving but more movement is needed. Clare tried to isolate Grimes after 20mins by doubling their number 6 in front of him when a ball came in, he has to get to used to it and the FF’s have to get used to supporting/feeding off it.

The reality is Clare should have taken 2 goals. So i say we matched Clare and are much improved. Great call on Gary Brennan by L&P, the midfield were up against one of the best fielders in the country so easy on them everyone , every long Clare kickout was aimed at Brennan. Good call by Kelly taking O connor off at HT. Seems like a great player but not in sync with the group effort yesterday.

Grimes, Burns, Williams and Reilly are all great new blood. Stay positive , An lu abu!

Alan February 9, 2015 at 7:32 pm

Fair play to all the lads yesterday,each one gave everything for the red jersey.A big improvement overall from last week & as you mentioned players back in natural positions brought a more natural look to the team.Great to see such a talented bench to call on when required.A lot of ‘It’s only Clare’ comments bandying about from certain sectors but the team can only play against what’s in front of them & they did it with guidance from the line & their own self belief & determanition.Well done lads…And hopefully a speedie recovery for Eoin O’Connor.

Anonymous February 9, 2015 at 4:29 pm

I taught full back line was solid yesterday. Half back line in my opinion was poor Clare got at us there but introduction of Williams and Stewart changed that sector. Taught middle was poor didn’t catch a ball for 70 mins. Reido excellent so too Judge when he came out to 40.moore a good outlet and offers himself needs to work on decision making though. Grimes and Burns are s handful just need lads bit closer to Grimes when he wins/breaks ball. Still a few places up for grabs in attack and half back line. Good win and should set us up for Wexford at home. Was Donnelly injured wasn’t warming up.

louthandproud February 9, 2015 at 12:37 pm

I thought Decky had a quiet opening half but grew into the game as it went on….maybe because he went into the middle of the field!?

The fact Gally is more of an natural goalie could be the key…nice to see him working on his game and trying to improve all the time….Kelly contining to start him would have given him great confidence and he made a great save too.

Brodigan may have been dropped to allow Shane O’Hanlon onto the match day squad? not confirmed though

Louthmouth February 9, 2015 at 12:21 pm

Declan Byrne was the best player on the pitch yesterday, Adrian Reid restored to the forward line superb, Toner and Finnegan very solid and Judge and Grimes provided a fabulous platform for everyone else to play on.
It was the combinations of their solid play that allowed others to eventually find their feet and settle into County football.
However there are still many questions to answer :
Gallagher looked to me to be trying to emulate Lynch’s kick out style and he did pretty good but I wonder why would Kelly not go with the real thing?
Lynch is a totally different kettle of fish to other county keepers, more an extra outfielder and because he is two footed and a beautiful passer of the ball it works…I know its ballsy but maybe Kelly has the balls.
Anyone know why Brodigan was not on the bench? I thought he was the stand out player in the warm up matches and its surprising not to see him involved.

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