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by louthandproud on April 25, 2016

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The new generation has got off to the best possible start.

Louth Vs Antrim1 (3)

Relive Saturdays epic win right here in my Recap.

the system

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. The system was key and it worked.
If this new generation got the best start to their young careers then what makes it even more satisfying is the fact it is based on hard work.
Paddy Crozier has come and worked wonders and for that he deserves enormous credit.

We got men behind the ball sure, but it was the intensity and discipline of the tackling that kept Antrim at bay mostly on the 50 yard line.

The final was our 12th (competitive)game this year playing this new way. We were comfortable in ourselves and never panicked while Antrim did as a direct result.

Our hard work and game-plan demoralised Antrim wide after wide, turnover after turnover.


Decky Byrne mixed the sublime with the terrible on Saturday he’ll want to forget his bizarre yellow card in a hurry but want to remember his scores forever!
Decky is a cornerstone in the way we play through getting back in defence and scoring from play in attack.
He didn’t/doesn’t wear a gum shield the referee copped it and ordered Decky off the field to get one giving him a yellow in the meantime.
Bottom line we completely stopped playing and concentrating and let Antrim in for a slack goal completely against our system. This young team will have to take that harsh lesson on board for the championship.

Other end of the system

We got bodies back we soaked up the pressure but what was really pleasing about Saturday was the way we adapted.
We had to come out in the second half and attack.
The system meant the bodies were there for a counter attack and we moved the ball through the hand in transition at pace with devastating effects.
We struck from distance and orchestrated goals with patience and executed them with utmost skill.

caps lock Goooals

It was my absolutely pleasure and new favourite past time to tweet a Louth goal in Upper case CAPITAL LETTERS!

3 of the finest Louth goals I’ve ever seen in Croke Park all in one game. JP’s Leinster final one will take some beating but all three were sublime, each for different reasons.

Jim’s timing of the goal and the audacity and confidence to back himself.
Maguire’s started and finished move showed all that is good in modern day football
Conor Grimes at full flight is quite a site!

I’ve showed how the game was won. the next few will show Where the game was won

Black Magic

I said last week we had options to come into our defence and we did.
Kevin Toner went off and John Bingham came in then Anthony Williams.
Not many other teams have that luxury.
Williams had a rip roaring second half driving up the field with the game opening up it on Croker it suited the ‘attacking’ corner back perfectly.

John Bingham may have only been on the field a few minutes or so but his impact was vital.
In that black card, just before half time he may well have won us the game.

You could say, sure anyone else would have done the same? maybe so but, I doubt it.

He had the presence of mind to pull down Antrim forward Fitzpatrick when others might have been too honest.
Antrim were certain to get a goal and not only does it give them an extra massive boost in confidence that a goal in Croke park gives teams but a 6 point lead going into half time would have been game over for us.

I give the Ardee man all the credit for his black magic.

Waterford Character est:2016

We went five points down early in the second half, could have folded but we showed the character we forged on that wet wet day in Carriganore in Waterford shone again.

We never relented and it is quite satisfying to see in this fledgling side.

We kept chipping away and doing the right thing.

We were looking for the opportunity and Jim seized it.

It might have helped that Jim was off the field for a while; not for us but for him.
He had time to asses the situation, get a sense of what needed to happen and then when he was re-introduced he did exactly what was needed.
Ever the opportunist, he turned the game on its head with the best goal in Croke Park all weekend.
Ruthless. Waterford Character.

Nerves of Steel

It helped like Waterford, we had Burnsey’s nerves of steel.
Wearing the same boots as YAYA Toure the weekend he slotted them over with the same elegant ease of the Ivorian.

Ruthless. Waterford Character. again.

Player of the year in April?

Derek Maguire has been a revelation this year and like Waterford he popped forward to show his best wares. He started and finished his move for the goal spraying a footpass before launching himself forward to get on the end of the move to blast it to the net.
How many lung busting training sessions in Darver did he have to do to get that fitness I wonder?
Player of the year decided in April. Just putting it out there.
Waterford Character. again.

Special mentions

Stand in captain Pop Rath tackled and blocked all the way up the steps.
Conall McKeever is a Croke park player
Tommy D is becoming an integral part of this team massive work rate and honesty from the Westerner.

Last but not least

Powerful, explosive, fast, exciting, skillful and accurate.
I could well be describing Bernard Brogan but I’m not.

I’m talking about Conor Grimes, he was the difference.
The Tullyallen man is the one the kids all aspire to be.
He is the spearhead of this new generation the poster boy if you will.
And why shouldn’t he be?
He’s one thing Bernard Brogan can never be: from Louth.

Whats Next?

Dare I say it but, is this new generation a Croke Park team?
The venue suited the gameplan, the pitch suited our players and the sense of occasion matched our desire.
The next goal is to get back there again this season.
All eyes on Carlow now 14th May in Portlaoise.


As Tracy Chapman sang ‘the tables are starting to turn’

I mentioned in my Preview that:

Saturday we should be proud of this pride.

3-12 to 1-14.
We were.

now for the ‘revolution’

Thanks for reading and all your tweets and Facebook comments it feels great to be LouthandProud

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louthandproud April 26, 2016 at 5:19 pm

What about the first goal he set up for Maguire?
Why shouldn’t he be compared? Inferiority complex in this county tells you not to?
Remember, The chap is only 20 and has massive potential to build what he’s done so far already!

Red/Black April 26, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Connor Grimes is NO WHERE near the level of Bernard Brogan and he shouldn’t be compared with him at all!!Kids aspire to be him??seriously He is not a super hero!!He scored a goal to put us ahead but that was really it

Anon April 26, 2016 at 2:48 pm

Apologies I meant I though not though I

Anon April 26, 2016 at 2:47 pm

Good report , I though fear that this team could struggle in Division 3 for a few reasons. One I don’t think we have near the best 15 starting , maybe 8 or 9 but there’s other players that should definitely be in the panel that aren’t and Kelly needs to really work after the championship on getting some players back in the mix or to get other players into the panel although great credit to the lads that were there this season they almost all wore the jersey with pride Decky Byrne has become a weak link in the team , I know you will disagree and so may other people but I think the gum shield matter epitomises this season from him , he’s cocky , selfish and his ego has gone too far! He has been picking fights , strutting around like he’s superior to his team mates and his work rate has dropped a lot , in my opinion he needs to focus way more on his performance as he does have the talent but he also needs to realise what a team is! I agree with comments about everything else and that Grimes is a serious talent and there isn’t many better two man Full forward lines than himself and Burnzy! I think Williams and Bingham are better options than Reilly in the back line and that maybe Jim should earn poty he has been Tremendous all year and has become probably the most important player on the team! I don’t mean any offence to the players I have spoken about just giving my opinion on what may affect us next season!

Anon April 26, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Very good report here. I fear we may struggle next year but. A huge problem for us is , and people may disagree , but I think Decky Byrne has become a weak link in the team , his bizarre yellow was a joke , how a player can be so stupid to not wear a gum shield in a national league game never mind in croke pairc is insane , he is to blame for the goal and he also has a huge ego that is not good for the team , good talent but is all about himself. I agree 100% with Conor Grimes , himself and Burnzy are a serious threat for any team in the country no doubt and Jim has been brilliant in almost every game and think he should maybe get poty, I would give Kelly another chance to see how he can cope with being back up in division 3 , I hope onwards and upwards but I’m not sure that’ll be the case!

louthandproud April 26, 2016 at 2:07 pm

Disagree with the standard level…look at the quality of scores we took and organisation in defence compared to the other 4 finals and they stand up.

louthandproud April 26, 2016 at 2:05 pm

No, what makes you think that?

Red/Black April 26, 2016 at 11:20 am

So I am guessing your web site was either hacked or you were highly intoxicated when the above section was written about Connor Grimes?

Anonymous April 25, 2016 at 9:17 pm

It was a great game Saturday but our defence is too stand offish we need to to go the player with the ball and smother them out I thought sometimes the defence was a bit lax and too easy to get through but going forward we were the strongest we’ve been yet and it was when it mattered!! Playing a direct ball in worked wonders and the off the shoulder running was wonderful!! Jim’s sideline point was the score of the weekend to me and the hunger he came back on with was second to none we need everyone to have the same hunger

Anonymous April 25, 2016 at 6:06 pm

You need to catch a grip of reality. Was a v poor standard and we were lucky Antrim were so poor. With Kelly at the helm we will be relegated again. Get him out and get the strongest possible team out not his mates sons.

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