Live Blog:How to Beat Clogher/Pats

by louthandproud on September 24, 2014

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Gonna have a look over the two sides


and try to pick holes in both sides
Done !

How to Beat the Pats
-Underated Factor: PK is PK he’s going to have an influence on the game whether you like it or not….most teams get bogged down in trying to stop him and forget about the Players that thrive off him.
Aidan McCann and Karl White are top of this list.
They, in fact make the Pats click. McCann’s industry was evident in the senior final in 2012 when they faced each other and even earlier this year either filtering back, linking the play or ghosting forward and getting goals.
Karl White has been the most under-rated player in Louth football this past decade…his directness on the forty for the Pats has been central to their success. He leads the line and is the real leader for the Pats when the chips are down.
Stopping these two is much more economical than scheming to stop PK.

-KickOuts: The opposing keeper see’s PK out the field and thinks I’m not kicking the ball long with him out there. His presence alone forces keeper to kick short. The Pats love this because their forwards work so hard and usually turn you over and get scores, plus when a defender recieves the kickout the Pats actually have 15 men behind the ball! very hard to play against…Long kickout’s away from PK is the best option all round.

Running Game: run. run. run. the ball at the Lordships men.
Sounds crazy…running into tackles, crashing into mass strong Pats defence but it works. Be Brave in attack and you will be rewarded. opt to kick the ball and they bash it out, force you to kick it away and intercept it and hit you on the counter. Keep the ball go through the hands and you’ll have more success against that mean old mean Pats defence.


How to beat Clogher

-Underated Factor: Similar to the Pats first point, The will scheme to try and Stop Pepe Smith’s influence in attack when in fact alot more attention should be paid to Peter Kirwan.
A much improved player and in a rich vein of form this season. He’s been a revelation for them really. He’s pacy, strong and direct. Perfect for leading the line on the forty for Clogher especially if Colin Goss will be number 6.

Dreadnots full back line,exploit it: I can hear you say hang on a minute, county man Pop Rath, former county man Derek Shevlin and Brian Gargan make up Cloghers full back line!
and you would be right.
Those 3 are all good excellent players but, the Pats will always expose opposing teams full back lines the way they play and the way Clogher’s Half back line(Faulkner,McEvoy,Williams) love to Attack. The full back line is there to be exploited.
So no matter how good your full back line is, if you leave the Pats full forward line with oceans of space to play in they will do damage!

-Free Peach: Pats slow you down, foul you into submission. So they’ll have to be aware of where they are fouling and by doing so Stop Peach from hitting free’s.
Califf has been excellent from placed balls and 4 points away from claiming top scorer in the championship!  He is Clogher main scoreing revenue.
So Don’t foul, take a chance on their forwards shooting rather than Peach from played balls and if you are to foul. Do it on the left handside, which he can score but the level of difficulty will be higher.

Done. Thanks for reading.

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louthandproud September 25, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Thanks Fitzy and well done the other week….should have a post on the Craobh Ciaran team ye face in leinster too!
Although, I know you are hoping they are beaten and ye go for a trip to Amsterdam!!

Brian Fitzpatrick September 25, 2014 at 9:31 am

Good read and good points. If Pats are disciplined and keep the free count down, it’s hard to see how Clogher will put up a good scoreline.

Best of luck both teams. Looking forward to it.

Stephen O'Connor September 24, 2014 at 1:38 pm

Good research Louth and Proud, lots of interesting and valuable pointers

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