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by louthandproud on February 27, 2015

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Few subtle changes by Kelly for this weekend.


LIVE BLOG reaction now



Defence:Anthony Williams comes in for Derek Crilly
Attack: Derek Maguire for Danny O’Connor

Williams gets in and deservedly so….however Derek Crilly might be injured or else it is quite a surprise to see an experienced player like him being dropped. He’s started every game this year for Louth under Kelly.

Derek Maguire gets his chance from the get go on Sunday. Danny O’Connor misses out.
Will Maguire live up to his high quality substitution cameo performance of the last day?  if he does its a no brainer he should start verytime if it doesnt, we could be missing a trick his impact usually provides in the second half.

I’ve lined the team the way I think it will set up…

Decky plays around the middle and Derek Maguire pushes out to the wing.
Leaving the in-form Under 21 duo inside.
It’s just games games games for these two at the moment and with another game next Wednesday night I doubt they are even training….
match recover, match recover, repeat.

The more games they play the better for us…they’ll be ultra sharp and not bogged by training while all the time building on their partnership.
Grimes performance the other night in Darver was the best I’ve seen of him and I think there is more to come!!

Sub Impact
Are we now a little short on impact from the bench? or Are we going to take care of business in good time?
That is the big question that will be answered around half 3 this Sunday.

Wexford Threat
They’ve yet to name their side so their full threat is yet to be seen but have a look at todays scouting report to see who we should look out for.

Thanks for Reading roll on Sunday

MAtch Preview will be up in the morning
Sheelan Cup and Mullen Shield and Live Match Feed on Sunday!

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