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by louthandproud on March 7, 2016

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This was not complacency…

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…and that makes this loss even worse

Recap now finished

Reality Bites

Coming home from Carrick this loss stung, it really stung.

Sure, we were beaten.
Sure, our promotion is now in doubt.
However the real reason it stung was how we were outplayed.

Leitrim were by far the better side on the day played the better football.

We just never got into the pitch of the game at all…all over the field we were out fought and out thought.
Even when we scored our goals we never reacted after they went in we just went back to being flat again.

System Failure

Conceding 11 points in the first half was a haul we could never recover from.

By no means should we throw the baby out with the dish water but the system let us down yesterday.

We got men behind the ball but the intensity wasn’t there to press and get a tackle in.

They ran through us by times and each Leitrim player was passed on to the next Louth man with no one really picking up anyone! It seemed the more men we had back the more loose we got!

On top of this, we got picked off from distance time and time again. We sat back too deep and Leitrim were only happy to knock over long range points under no pressure.

When we did apply pressure it was rushed and usually ended in a frustrating foul.

The ref didn’t help in some cases but our heads were gone and you could see our management reacting badly to it as well. In an away game those 50-50 calls are going to go with the home side we should have bit our lip and got on with it. We’ll learn from that for the next two away days.

Thats the thing, We’ll learn more from this defeat more than out last three wins…Our system is ineffective if we don’t apply pressure or work like starving dogs all over the field.

Positions People

Our starting midfield was cleaned by the dominant Leitrim duo of Moran and Wyrnn both long and tall men.

It poses the question about Stewart and Decky as out and out and out midfielders and we could actually have done with both in the forwards with out the responsibility of picking up opposing midfielders and marking them for kickouts because aerially we were exposed.

Peach and Jim helped matters when they went out the middle for kickouts and Conor Grimes came on and played around the middle of the field too but in truth, was wasted out there. We were crying out for a long ball option to relieve the pressure especially in the first half.

At least we learned that. he needs to be inside at all times to get the best out of him and the team too.

Bevan Duffy and Tommy Durnin were badly missed yesterday but they’ll be back soon hopefully.

Where do we go from here

Right, it is still there for us…we have three games left to play.

We’ve just made promotion a really difficult task now.

Carlow away and then the two teams above us in the last two games;
Wexford at home and Antrim away.

I think the substitutions as a whole needs to be looked at too, Conall McKeever seems to be first sub off no matter how well he plays he shouldn’t have been taken off yesterday and his confidence will be needed in the run in.

Despite not playing at all yesterday, we still could have stole a point at the death it would have been absolute day light robbery, but it just shows how you have to perform, game in game out at this level.

Get at least the perform right and we have a chance.

Play like we did yesterday and we’ll deserve to be in Division 4 for another season and we’re not too big for Division 4 whatsoever.


Credit to Leitrim, a perennial division 4 county at this stage took our two points but humbled us as a county in other ways too.

We all could do with learning a lot from Leitrim.

Hungry home team playing with pride, they are a nice side Mulligan’s class shone all day as he pulled the strings.
They have a super ground that our county board should hang their head in shame as they seen a quite healthy travelling Louth support pull up to the ground only wishing we had something similar.

It’s no wonder their players and supporters showed that level of passion on the day. They have a home ground to be proud off, to protect, intimidate the referee with, young people aspire to play there…

Whilst we have nothing, not even a pipe dream, just a massive white elephant nobody man enough to take it on.

to make matters worse our players are giving their lives away too and it is not being reciprocated either.

I’m not sure if you seen the Irish independent on Saturday.

The paper listed the money spent on senior inter county teams for 2015.

There was only one other team in Ireland that spent less on their county team than us and that was paltry Wicklow!

So we’re at an absolute doldrums at the minute, maybe now is the time to reflect on matters within this county on and off the pitch.

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Red/Black March 8, 2016 at 4:57 pm

I said it a long time ago Colin Kelly was not the answer and his negative attitude/poor tactical knowledge/poor management skills surfaces every time we face a decent team!!!It has happened the last 2 years

Anonymous March 7, 2016 at 7:31 pm

Colon Kelly had a lot to answer for yesterday his frustrations were taken out on the wrong players and wrong subs made!! Declan Byrne never performed yesterday and deserved to come off but didn’t that speaks volumes!! Mc keever been taken off was a joke as it should have been John Bingham as he shouldn’t have started anyway.. Hopefully Crozier will have more say next outing as I think he I snore beneficial than kelly

louthandproud March 7, 2016 at 3:53 pm

totally agree…a lot of cracks we’re exposed yesterday.

We’ve now made it very hard on ourselves

Red/Black March 7, 2016 at 12:10 pm

Terrible result but as I said previously we weren’t favourites for promotion but were been talked about like we were. First decent team we played and everything fell apart

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