Leitrim Match Preview

by louthandproud on March 4, 2016

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2pm Carrick-on-Shannon is the time and place.

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but how will the game go?


This really is a potential banana skin for us.

We are going into this game as overwhelming favorites but their is a familiarity between the two sides from the qualifier game last summer.

That game was considerably tight before Conor Grimes came off the bench to settle our nerves.

We went on to win that game by 7 points (1-15 to 11) but a lot has changed since then too.

back to the future

We’ve evolved with new players and a defensive system.

Leitrim have certainly improved and possibly more than us.

Paddy Maguire and Emlyn Mulligan have come back in and the latter has given Leitrim a belief and confidence going forward they severely lacked last year.

It has seen them be competitive in the past 3 games they’ve played. Really they should have beaten Wexford and Wicklow and before Antrim pulled away last week they were ahead by 4 points.

So, they will be sticky opponents.
Especially at home.
No doubt about it.


We have the momentum of a three win streak and all the confidence that goes with that.

We have the squad and we have ambitions of promotion.

The question is…are we serious about these promotion ambitions?

This Sunday will tell.

I think we are, but Leitrim would only love to scupper them.

Interesting fact

Both sides will have 7 players that started in the qualifier game last summer start this weekend.

Louth: Lynch, Pop, Decky, Reido, McKeever, Burnsey and Holcroft
Leitrim:R Gallagher, N Woods, S McWeeney, G Reynolds, S Moran, K Conlon, D Wrynn.


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