Leinster Club Scouting Part 2: Pats

by louthandproud on October 25, 2014

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The Plunketts Play Dublin Junior Runners Up Craobh Chiarain in Parenlls GAA Coolock 2.30pm Sunday
The Pats take a familar trip to O’Connor Park to face Offaly Champs Rhode 2.30pm Sunday

Here’s Part 2

Yesterdays Part 1 is here


Colours: Green and Yellow
Manager: Pat Daly
Based in Rhode County Offaly

Offaly County Players: Niall McNamee, Eoin Rigney Conor McNamee, Brian Darby, Niall Darby, Anton Sullivan, Pauric Sullivan, Shane Sullivan, Paul McPadden and James McPadden. Gulp!


Aswell as being there or there abouts in Leinster this past decade These two teams in particular have history in Leinster. The Pats beat them in 2012 in a tight encounter 1-9 to 1-7 in O’Connor Park.

This will stand to the Pats as the venue and all but 3 players (in Black) did not play that day…so they actually know what to expect.


Rhode have made no secret that they are out for revenge for that 2012 defeat so Lordship you have been warned.

Rhode’s main Strength is their Full forward line

Starving them and stopping the supply will be the key. Luckily this is one area the Pats protect really well….the match ups I’ve picked not be exposed anyway as the Pats get men behind the ball and their half back line lies deep at all times. This will be crucial, as Rhode sometimes play with two and sometimes one up top to expose opposing teams.

Dessie Finnegan on Niall McNamee

ncNameeReasoning: Dessie is the Pats fullback and for his experience alone he’ll pick up McNamee who is in fine form and only needs a half yard to get his shot away.

Darren O’Hanlon on Anton Sullivan

mcSullivanReasoning: Anton Sullivan is their 2nd best forward starts inside but likes to Roam as the game progress’s. Darren O’Hanlon will be comfortable and disciplined enough to with Sullivan wherever he goes.

Kevin Toner on McPadden
mcpaddenReasoning: The Dinky McPadden had a fine county final. Toner has the pace to snuff him out but the Offaly man has a tasty left foot and is a serious threat.

The Mid-land Battle
Alan McNamee has been around the block and Conor McNamee has improved and actually grown into a man since 2012. Mallon will look to cancel Conor Out while PK on Alan could sway the possession stakes for the Pats and that could be vital tomorrow.
A few nuisances the Pats should to take note in this area is how deep Padraic Sullivan on the forty plays for Rhode, he is effectively playing as a third midfielder and in doing so gives their full forward line extra space to operate in. Also Eoghan Byrne loves to attack so Aidan McCann will just have to careful when dropping back he doesn’t get caught out as Byrne will punish you.

Rhode’s Weakness
As you can guess it’s their Defence. They are Great going forward but not so much when they are on the back foot.
Maybe its a case of being untested in Offaly but they are certainly their to be exposed in that area.
They are prone to giving away the silly free, Size wise; they are relatively small so Eoin O’Connor should be an awkward match up for them. Plus,their midfield dosen’t like to track back (cut to PK rubbing his hands with glee)

It’s going to be really tough but the Pats have had a couple of tough weeks so the trip down to Offaly could be a welcome escape.
They’ve done it before so there’s no reason why they can’t do it again. They have the players, they know how hard they have to work to do it can they do that again is the question they must answer themselves.


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