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by louthandproud on August 6, 2016

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The Final round of the county leagues are complete.


All the permutations, results and outcomes right here.
Thanks for sending them in to @louthproud on Twitter and Facebook!!

Div 1 Sunday 5pm

SOM 1-13 Mary’s 14
Dreadnots 1-16 O’Connell’s 2-9
Jocks 3-12 Fechins 0-13
Kilkerely 0-10 Pats 1-9
Cooley 2-6 Gers 2-13
Mattock 2-10 Blues 2-16


Gers V Kilkerley and Dreadnots V SOM in Cardinal O’Donnell Semi Finals. Fechins in playoff(see below) and O’Connells automatically relegated.

Div 2 Saturday 7pm

Rates 3-12 Plunkers 2-9
Glyde 2-17 Town 2-6
Lochs lost to Joes by 6
Brides beat Togher
DYI 2-13 Clans 3-10
Gaels 3-12 Naps 0-7


Dundalk Gaels have topped Division 2 on the final day of the season! The Clans drew which meant it went to head to head with the Brides and the Gaels beat them in round 7. Brides, Joes and Clans now in Playoffs along with second from bottom in Division 1 Fechins.
Fechins V Joes and Clans V Brides in promotion semi finals
St Finbarrs are in Relegation purgatory Glyde are gone to Division 3.

Div 3 Sunday 2.30pm

Mitchell’s 10 Westerns 1-8
Lann leire 0-9 Kevins 3-9
Cuch Gaels 0-14 Dowdallshill 0-13
Roche 4-15 Nicks 0-3
Stabannon 1-6 Sean 1-6
Glen Emmets V Mals


Glen Emmets Division 3 Champions. Roche V Kevins and Stabannon V Finbarrs in Play off for Division 2 place.

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