Kildare Team and Marking Assignments 2.0

by louthandproud on June 6, 2014

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So the Kildare was named and it was completely different to mine, thanks Jason!


A lot different, in fact enough for me to do the Marking assignments again.

here they are. Marking Assignments 2.0

 Marking Assignments 2.0-Kildare


Marking Assignments 2.0 explained

Straightaway the marking assignments that stay the same,match ups and positions are

The major changes are seen with Jobser and Derek Crilly
As Niall Kelly is selected to play on the forty John O’Brien still goes out to mark him there. Leaving Crilly to pick up Eamonn Callaghan who will more than likely roam out the field.
It also means Mick will only have two men inside to cover and if Brophy’s height advantage is too much for Pop, Mick can swap directly and allow Pop to sweep.

That leaves Patrick Reilly to stay right half and pick up Padraig O’Neill and if he swaps with Hurley to play in the middle then he’ll pick him up also.

Midfield Match Ups

Hurley and Moolick in the middle for Kildare have the balance of an orthodox ball winner and a more mobile partner our midfield partnership is more or less the same.
With this match up we have a great chance to break even and more in this area. Crucial as this game will be won or lost around the middle 8.


The forward line that Jason Ryan has selected is actually less potent but I would say that!
Considering I think Eoghan O’Flaherty is their most talented player and he’s dropped!

but bottom line again these are all positive match ups that Louth can dominate.


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