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by louthandproud on July 11, 2014

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4 games on tonight across all 3 codes

Louth Football Championship’s 2014 (2)

Here’s My Preview’s

Stabannon play the Seans in which effectively looks like the playoff  for the second spot in group 4 behind the Plunketts.
Who wins this game is very hard to know?
The Seans have the doggedness but Stabannon have unearthed some much wanted youth to the set up, I’m going with Stabu.

The big senior game of the night is a fascinating match up.
Newcomers the Geraldines are going to be plucky and ultra enthusiastic in their first senior outing in over a decade.
The Mary’s have been at the top table for a long period now and will be no mood to welcome the Gers with open arms especially as the Gers pipped them to promotion out of division 2 last season aswell.
So it’s going to come down to personnel and the ex Louth contingent of Darren Clarke and Ronan Carroll will be enough to swing it for the Marys.

Louth Football Championship’s 2014 (3)


Roche have been a real championship team in recent seasons, relishing in the underdog role and against Glyde will be no different.
Glyde will still pack a punch (literally) at this grade. Don’t be surprised if the games a draw!

The tie a lot of people are looking forward to, especially around the toon!  (Dundalk).
Massive grudge match to be settled mainly over the transfer of players between the two clubs.
The game really hard to call….DYI have an ace in their sleeves with Derek Maguire but SOM team have been operating well in Division 1 recently.
Expect needle, expect another draw on the night surely not!?



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Louth Gael July 11, 2014 at 3:50 pm

In the other double header tonight, I think Seans with beat Stabannon, I haven’t seen as many junior games as I would usually do this year due to work but looking at Stabannon over last few years they are struggling, perhaps paying the price now for 4 or 5 championships bought in the 90s with imports galore. Seans on the other hand have been a very consistent team in junior over the last 5 / 6 years and rarely finish out of the top 4 in league.

The other game is a very hard one to call, the Marys have been doing well enough in the intermediate league in last two years, they where unlucky not to win last year only losing out on last day of the season, this year hasn’t been as clear cut in league for them losing a few league games but any club team that possess Daren Clarke are always in with a chance. Gers on the other hand have not been setting the world alight in the senior league this year, they have been short some of their big hitters from their great last year most notable Jim Mac. Ill go for Gers in the one but only just.

Louth Gael July 11, 2014 at 3:35 pm

DYI will beat O Mahonys tonight believe me, say them beat Clans last week in another town derby, as a neutral I was very impresses with them and when I went home checked table and was surprised to see they had only won 3 games out of 7 in league. Was impressed with them in last yeara champioship in two group games v Mochtas and Fechins, they then ran into a very good Gers team in 1/4 final and lead by 7 pts at 1/2 time but ran out of steam in 2nd half. O Mahonys maybe a senior league team and favourites to win but I can see DYI causing an upset.

In the other intermediate game tonight I fancy Roche to beat Glyde. Glyde are going through a transition period and where unlucky not to beat Hunterstown last week leading by 3 pts with 5 mins to go and then end up losing by a point. I thought early in year Roche would struggle but they seem to improved a lot since that judging by their results in league. It will be a tight game but I think Roche will just about shade it.

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