Final Round of the League.

by louthandproud on September 5, 2015

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We interrupt this Championship season for the final round of the league.


I’ll have updates as they come in….Ladies please send them in too Thanks! Facebook or @louthproud on twitter

Division 1
O’Connells beaten by Dreadnots 4-15 to 14
Blues Beaten by Pats 2-9 to 2
Jocks Beaten by Marys 3-13 to 1-15
Fechins Beat by Gaels 2-10 to 8
kilkerley Beaten by SOM they now go into the semis 4th place.
O’Raths Beat Mattock 8to6

Pats and SOm play each in the semi while dreadnots play Mattock
Rath’s are relegated automatic place while Gaels are in the relegation playoff

Permutations Division 1: Pats, Dreadnots and Mattock are guaranteed semi finalists the fight out is for the 4th position. A number of teams can make the fourth spot but SOM are in the driving spot.
The Raths and Gaels are definitely in the two relegation spots,they will both fight to make the relegation play off spot.

Division 2
Joes Beaten by Gers 4-16 to 8
DYI Beaten by Mochs 1-14 to 10
Finbarrs Beaten by Cooley 2-7 to 5
Naps Beaten by Clans 2-15 to 1-13
HTown Beat Plunketts 2-12 to 14 and Plunketts go into relegation playoff
Brides Beat Roche 3-13 to 1-15 and Roche go down automatically

Cooley back to Division 1 and clans Mochs Gers and Htown in promotion play offs
Plunketts relegation play off
Roche automatically go down

Permutations Division 2: Cooley have to go away to the finbarrs and win or draw to gain automatic promotion back to divsion 1 after just one season not an easy feat and the Clans in second place will look to pounce on any Cooley set back. 5 other teams have a chance to make up the remaining 3 promotion play off places.
Down the bottom, Roche and the Brides go head to head for the relegation play off spot. Naps and Plunketts could get sucked into the play off spot if they both lose and Brides win. However, best Roche can achieve is a relegation playoff.

Division 3
Dowdallshill beat Cuch Gaels 2-16 to 1-13
Seans And Westerns draw 2-11 to 2-11
Glyde Beat Tones 5-21 to 1
Glen Emmets beat Mals 3-14 to 4-6
Kevins Beat Lannleire 1-11 to 1-8
Stabannon beat Mitchell’s 12 to 6

GLYDE Westerns, Kevins 3 way tie at the top but walkover games previously mean they’ll have a 3 way play off for top place. Lannleire and Glen Emmets make up rest!

Permutations Division 3: Westerns away to the Seans need a win to secure promotion as Glyde play the Tones a game they will certainly win and finish on 20 points. The Westerns are on 19 points currently so a draw is no good as Glyde beat them on the head to head. Mals could leap frog Tullyallen in the final promotion playoff spot.

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