by louthandproud on January 11, 2016

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Great win, tons of positives.


We looked like a county team. They looked like a university team. We made the scoreboard reflect this.

The Starting Team

We ended up starting quite a strong team yesterday.
Kurt Murphy did start at 7 while Ciaran Bellew, Dan O’Connell, Conor Lenehan, Sean Hand and Baz Flanagan didn’t.

It meant 3 of our most experienced players came in: Decky, Pop and Reido. Cathal Bellew and Tommy Durnin made up the rest of the changes.

The starting team showed the managements intentions of how much they seeked a win.

Hands Up

Right, not getting carried away with yesterdays game they were students after all but a lot of lads put there hands up again.

Jim put his hand well and truly up again for a defenite starting place, his scoring aside the range of foot passes he possess is ridiculous. The best footpasser in louth by a country mile…(might do a top5 post on this soon)

Conor Grimes and Burnsey look to be our two first choice inside men but they are injured at the moment so CK and Crozier will have to go on form.

Darren McMahon had another assured performance with nice touches in general play as well. He looks to be settling more and more with every minute. Massive plus at 6. We’ve not had a proper one since Peter McGinnity?

Tommy Durnin has come on leaps and bounds from last season. The year of inter-county football games and training has helped shape and moulded him into a competitive scoring county midfielder on this weeks viewing. Massive development for management.

Others like James Stewart, Cathal Bellew and Baz Flanagan again all have their arms raised too not just to make the panel but pick me on the starting team!

This all means the competition for places is fierce and that’s exactly what we need to develop and raise our standard. The injured players will be anxious to get back in too.

As the league gets closer, the tougher it looks it will be to select our best fifteen.

Battle Royale

The win and advancement of the group gives the whole set up and county lots of confidence. The fact it sets up with a crack a Meath is also a bonus.

Another competitive game and hopefully chance to look at them up close and personally ahead of a possible Parnell Park showdown in the summer.

Sure, some shadow boxing might occur but make no qualms about the calendar, both sets of management will want to win it.

It will also be an nice gauge to see exactly where we are at and where our new players and system is at. It couldn’t be a better set of circumstances to do all this really.

Local rivalry, final at stake bring it on!!!

I’ll let people know where the game will be as soon as I know….I’m guessing Drogheda 2pm next Sunday.

I’ll have build up all week, if you would like to sponsors the weeks coverage let me know… info@louthandproud.com or Louthandproud@gmail.com

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