Championship Preview Part 2: SFC

by louthandproud on July 7, 2016

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My Preview continues.

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I’m going to cast my eye on the senior Championship now.

I’m going to break the Senior championship in parts and then give my verdict at the bottom.


The Pats, the reigning County Champions are really up against it, losing PK and Eoin O’Connor to the US is fatal blows to their championship hopes. This is why the championship is seen as wide open.

Kilkerley are the current intermediate champions…we seen last year how well the O’Mahonys went on the back of their run. So kilkerley are no different. They have Shane Lennon and once you have Lenno in your team you have a chance beside Lenno you have McKeown, McEneany, Bellews and Hand to get you scores also.


Cooley and the Blues. The two heavyweights are still in the Joe Ward ring but do they possess a knockout punch? I don’t think they do.

too soon

The Sheelan cup is a poisoned chalice in recent years in Louth. It satisfies your hunger for Silverware too early in the season. The last team to do both was the Pats five years ago.


Two Dundalk teams up next. Both the Gaels and SOM are sides that could go all the way. They both have squads of serious clout, the Gaels have added in forwards over the winter in Jason Clarke and Shane Rice. While the O’Mahonys continue to look comfortable in Division 1. Are they or are not pretending to have a serious say in 2016? Watch this space.

The favourites

“If they don’t do it this year they’ll never do it” is the phrase being used around the county to describe the Dreadnots this year.
My god the Clogher men have been knocking on the door for a long time and everyone would love nothing more but to see them go all the way but, things don’t usually work out like that do they?

On their day

Goals win games as they say and the O’Connell’s can get them. A real championship team they can take anyone on any particular day as in the championship goals are worth a lot more. They lift the team and supporters like nothing else. Cian Doyle, Conlon and Quigley could put a serious dent in someones chances without going the whole way themselves.

We are staying up

The battle for relegation from the senior grade come down to two sides close to each other geographically but not known as rivals. Naomh Mairtin have become experts in avoiding the drop and this year I think they’ll not have to worry about the drop. The O’Raghallaighs on the other hand might go down with their league form catching up with them.

My Pick

There is a hunger about this bunch, be it on the field, on the line or in the stands, I feel like the Geraldines are coming like a freight train for Joe Ward. The team who stops their momentum will go all the way.

Thanks for reading
IFC and JFC Previews to come and as usual, every single game will be previewed here also.

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