Carlow Recap

by louthandproud on May 16, 2016

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Saturday evenings game was tight by times but we got there.


and that is all that matters or is it?


In the hot Portlaoise sun,(it was really hot I’ve the stinging farmers tan to prove it) we pulled away in the final quarter. Carlow were right there at times but we knew we could push on and when their tongues were out, we put the foot to the floor and clinically put them away.
Darren McMahon even had the clarity of thought to pull someone down and take a black card. This shows where we are at mentally and fitness wise.
We have the legs, the work is done, we can go 70plus minutes, another 4 weeks before the quarter final should be enough time to bring us up to the next level again.
We’ll need it against a more intense Division 2 opponent.


I know it is easy to look good against a poorer opposition but I was happy with our finishing for a number of reasons.
First of all, shot selections most of time were excellent. The players know their range and areas on the pitch that they are good in and under relative pressure we were accurate.
Not one wide in the second half illustrated our composure not only our accuracy.
We are in a position where we can vary our attacks. Whether we go long, shoot from deep or on the run we can be confident to find the ammunition to find our way to a win.
There is plenty to work on for the next day.(can you see a trend emerging?)
We have to seek out and take more goal chances, our support of Conor Grimes could be better, and like the league final we can’t seem to find him or Burnsey enough when we want to.

back of the class

Was it the heat the day or the softness of the mind, knowing that we could beat Carlow when we wanted? Conceding 3-11 to a division 4 side just wasn’t on.
It wasn’t like we took Carlow for granted or showed complacency thankfully but 20 points against us is worrying.
It has to be.

Above all else we need to be more aggressive in the tackle and more ruthless in our execution of the system. If we continue to just get men back for the sake of it Thurles could easily happen again. Pressure on the kicker needs to greater and decisive marking needs to made.
When you get men back, you can tend to pass it along to someone else and then it turns out you are neither putting pressure or marking anyone else and overall you become loose.

It is this habit that could cost us the next round we’ve four weeks to eradicate it.

What’s Next

We know what’s next, or at least I hope ye do.
12th of June in Parnell Park.
Looking forward to it, I’ll have a bumper build up to that one!

If you or your business would like to get your name on the site or simply want to wish our lads the best of luck contact and we’ll get you on board!

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