Carlow build up:’My’ Team

by louthandproud on March 10, 2016

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The usual. the team is set to be named tonight.


here’s mine.

I’ve a number of changes from the starting team the last day.

The team needs to be freshened up and motivated after last weekends loss.

limbo land

I’m fairly sure we’ll continue to play to the same system, so we need to improve on our transition from defence to attack.
At the moment and especially the last day out we were just in limbo.

We had men back but too safe to  break forward and too safe too push up.

It meant we dropped too deep and neither got forward to cause them problems or pressure with conviction.

So we weren’t really playing at all and if we did it was an individual effort

Derek Maguire for example did drive forward to great effect to set up attacks but other than him that was that and perhaps O’Mahonys man Keith McLaughlin when he came in looked to go forward with abandon knowing he had cover.

Same full back line and Keith comes into the side for me with Decky dropping to wing back role he played before he was put in the middle.

fulbackline hbl

Central auditions

More than likely, Murphy and Gannon are going to be in the middle, in the summer for Carlow in the championship.

We don’t know who will be for Louth.
We have 6 or 7 players than could play there.

Peach Califf, Bevan Duffy, Daniel O’Connell, Tommy Durnin, Decky Byrne, Brian Donnelly and James Stewart.

With Tommy coming back from injury, and Bevan and Donnelly just back involved.

It looks to be Peach and Stewart for this Sunday.

An early look at them now in March is going to be very valuable come May.

They could very well be our best match ups for Carlow anyway.

Peach on Murphy for height and kickouts, while Stewart goes with the mobile Sean Gannon everywhere.

If they go well, not only do we pick up two points but both lads could be selected for the championship on this league audition game.


Up front, do we show our hand that is the question?

Do we play Conor Grimes alongside Ryan Burns?
do we resist temptation and hold out for the championship?

I say we go for it.

Only for the fact they haven’t linked up at all this year and with 3 big matches left in the league we need them playing well together and straightaway.

The tough games will also help to bring their inside partnership on too and they’ll be well prepared and in the groove come championship time too.


Jim needs to be deeper too he had a great game the last day turning over defenders and winning primary ball so it suits those 3 players all round.

On the wings I’d go with Reido our captain and Conall McKeever who has now turned into the first sub off. This horrible situation is more a reflection on management than the player to be honest as the chap has been working hard and was unfortunate to come off the last day.

So there you have it my team to face Carlow
myteam-carlow (1)


What are your thoughts? It may well be our best team too? 

Reaction to official team tomorrow

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