5 things from the Louth Convention on Monday

by louthandproud on December 9, 2015

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The Louth GAA held their annual convention on Monday night.
Here is 5 things to take from it.

Main and only word of significance from the night

The whole top table’s positions were unopposed.(Frank Scriven from the Westerns withdrew*)
In a dreadful year for Louth football and Hurling and underage level all these men went unopposed!?

It just shows the lack of interest and care from the outside to get involved that includes myself by the way.

So before we criticise the County Board in the future we must remember this.

However, this does not mean they are free from criticism, far from it, but they can’t take it personally unless it is personal of course and that’s not on.

2. THE 1%
Like I said, personal abuse is not on…Our Chairman stated a number of unsavoury incidents that happened in 2015.
Abuse of referee’s and officials in person and online and a physical attack at the gate of the minor final(what the hell happened there?)

Pet hate of mine is abuse of referee’s, they get the abuse because they are right in the firing line of players and supporters frustration and so are the officials.

You can see why it happens, and I can’t see it changing anytime soon as it’s a society and general GAA issue.

This is one of our Chairman’s focuses of 2016, to stamp out abuse of referee’s and officials he’s right but it’s not the main problem with Louth football and besides as he said himself it is only 1% of the county doing it.

What about the other 99%?

It also galls me that this statement of intent has got the headlines glossed over the terrible year and furthermore, scaremonger people from future suggestions in fear of getting repercussions for being deemed personal.

Many good suggestions have been made on my site and my Facebook page and Twitter by angry supporters.

Every Louth game and club game of importance has now score by score updates.
would that have happened if it wasn’t angrily suggested?

I doubt it.

If anything, the county needs to engage with our supporters online more, not scaremonger them.

As usual, a number of problems were mentioned, the same one over and over but solutions given were few and far between.

The County Grounds for one!? will it ever be sorted in our lifetime?
The underage structure?
The Seniors in 2016?

Like I said, more engagement and transparency between the top table and the supporters could be the key to finding the solutions and less talk about problems.

Paddy Oliver will not be at the top table for the first time since 1970, 45 years!
That is incredible service to Louth GAA.
A hat tip to the Pats man.

O’Fiaich Cup Preview Tomorrow!

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louthandproud December 10, 2015 at 2:27 pm

Hi Dave, this was referred to a separate meeting possibly in early January. Thanks

dave matthews December 10, 2015 at 8:30 am


I was just wondering what are the changes being made next year to the adult competitions, was anything mentioned about this at the convention and also what about the motions that were raised?

Anonymous December 9, 2015 at 6:26 pm

Couldn’t agree more a shambles of a convention if that’s the main talking point.
Are delegates afraid to ask the hard questions re county ground re county team re underage county set up. There is no plan for Louth gaa just seem happy enough to compete but no ambition. There should be a 5 year plan regarding underage so as Senior team will see benefit in future with younger players coming through. Was there a review of Senior team for the year if so why not release details and what they are going to do to try and improve the thing no lets talk about the 1% abusing referees and officials talk about deflecting the real issues at hand.

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