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by louthandproud on January 7, 2016

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Just about dried off at this stage!


Here’s last nights recap. Updated


Looking at the weather conditions alone last night you either fancied it or you didn’t. Upon leaving home yesterday I did, and Louth most certainly did.

Unlike me however, Louth embraced the conditions and that was the difference between the two sides.

Every single Louth player put in a shift and for all his flaws Keith McLoughlin typified that. His honesty and bravery to stick his head in where others wouldn’t summed up Louth’s attitude on the night.

The O’Byrne cup like I said in the preview is about testing players, The way the players dealt with tropical Hawkfield was all about attitude. Colin Kelly and Paddy Crozier will be happiest about this aspect of last night the most.

SYstems Go

Speaking of management, you could see the improvement from Sunday in our counter-attacking play specifically.

Crozier has come in and set this system up of 2 men up top and 13 back filling the gaps and denying the opposition space.

Once the pressure on the ball going inside is there it means we can sniff out attacks and protect our full back line better. Davy Finn who made his debut last night certainly paid dividends from this protection.

I’m not sure whether it was this system or the personnel that made us so effective last night.


We had a highly mobile half forward line of Adrian Reid and Cathal Bellew on the wings and Conall McKeever on the forty. All three got on a lot of possession and broke wisely at all times.
Derek Maguire was back in as sweeper and although his ability to see danger before it happens could be improved (he is a forward after all) he still looks our best option there.

Bar Tyrone we’ve not conceded a goal Craig Lynch also put his hand up too making some fine saves last night.

We were communicating between players and goalkeeper very well. I was standing on louth’s defensive side the first half you could hear the instructions quite clearly. It showed a collectiveness that wasn’t there last year.

Starting places

I also said in the preview that a number of players 2016 involvement could be ended too. The opposite happened numerous lads put their hand up. With Paddy Reilly, Conor Grimes and Burnsey to come back in it gives CK and Crozier plenty of food for thought.

Up top, Ronan Holdcroft and Baz Flanagan held the line well, Holdcroft in particular. He has really matured in the past year. Baz also played himself right into squad contention too he scored a goal he should have never have scored while showing strength and good hands all night.

Speaking of good night. Peach Califf was by far Louth’s man of the match. He ghosted forward to score a goal, great finish but how a player of 6’7” ghosts forward I’ll never know!
Joking aside his dead ball ability are a massive asset for us especially in this day and age. His general and link play was solid too.
He put himself firmly in the frame for a midfield spot for the year.

going forward

DIT Sunday, we beat them and Offaly and Kildare draw we go through to the semis. If either wins it goes down to score difference.

The more games under this new system the better before the league I feel.

Exposing players and putting in a performances is exactly what the O’Byrne cup is about, being ready and knowing our team and roles to give us the best chance possibly to get out of Division 4.

Last nights performance means you can’t help but feel the London game can’t come  quick enough.

Sidenote:Thanks for following my updates the site got a massive response last night!
Any local business out there it would be great to have your name associated and up on the site for everyone to see and I’d be thankful of the support also.

Thanks for all the well wishes last night too, that alone made it worthy of the spin down and all the lemsips today!



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