Wickla Build Up: The Opposition

by louthandproud on February 23, 2016

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looking through the Wicklow side and it screams


“They are not to be taken lightly”

This is going to be a tough game on Sunday in Drogheda mark my words.

here’s why…

In their Defence

The six at the back for Wicklow have a settled look about them.

They have their man markers in Arran Murphy and Ciaran Hyland how could we forget him and his gloves from the three game saga in 2007!


While Ross O’Brien at full back and Paul McLoughlin at 6 are physical young players. In fact this whole Wicklow side are quite physical.

Although they have conceded a goal in both games they like to keep things tight.

In the last two game they’ve won they’ve only coughed up 7 to 9 scores.

We need to get at least 10 to 13 scores, if we do so we should get over the line…

Competitive Midfield


Anthony McLoughlin has been a stalwart in the middle of the field for Wicklow for a long time. He is as competitive as there is out their in this division.

With McLoughlin’s long term partner James Stafford retiring in the winter it has meant Rory Finn (key freetaker also) has to step in there and as a result he’s been their best player so far this season.

Finn is a natural left footed wing forward so he brings that attacking nature while McLoughlin happily holds.

We’ll have to just as industrious as both of them

Busy forwards

While up front, Wicklow have a set of forwards that are extremely mobile athletic and hard working.

Darren Hayden and Mark Kenny on the wings are really good footballers but they sum up Wicklow’s outlook this season.

John McGrath (L) is trusted to lead the line on the forty while Conor McGraynor (R) who has yet to feature this season for them but is a powerful player that caused us problems in the past with college side DCU.

They’ll both need special attention. They may lack the classiness up front but make up for it with industy.


Their manager and former Dublin player Johnny Magee has made them a very physical hardworking side.

For a Division 4 team, Wicklow look to be a very balanced side.

They’ve snuck up on everyone in this division hopefully not us on Sunday.

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