The Boys of Sludden

by louthandproud on June 9, 2016

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Only 5 remain.

The Boys of Sludden

However this is not about the players on the day but the boys that will play on Sunday.

on the day

Before I begin, I initially thought it was only 4 players until I checked the subs.
Decky Byrne came on for Reido and was actually on the field when JP scored the best goal in Croke Park. ever.

Starting teams on that infamous day. Those still involved in Bold.
Louth: N Gallagher; E McAuley, D Finnegan, R Greene; R Finnegan, M Fanning, J O’Brien; P Keenan, B White; A McDonnell, M Brennan, A Reid; C Judge, S Lennon, JP Rooney.
Subs: S Fitzpatrick for Greene, A Hoey for Fanning, P Smith for Lennon, D Byrne for Reid

Meath: B Murphy, C O’Connor, K Reilly, E Harrington; A Moyles, G O’Brien, C King; B Meade, N Crawford; S Kenny, J Sheridan, G Reilly; C Ward, S O’Rourke, S Bray.
Subs: C McGuinness for Moyles, P Byrne for O’Rourke

Our Captain and two influential wing forwards on both sides will feature on Sunday, That is as close as the 2010 as you can get!

past is in the past

With there being such a vague strand from then to now, Can that game have an effect on Sunday’s game?

Just look at Down on Sunday last, they reached the all-Ireland that year, but the game has sped up so much in the past 6 years its quite incredible.

The seismic force that Leinster final had on the lads as young footballers growing up will have no doubt impacted their feelings towards their neighbours, but it would almost certainly shaped them as footballers.

Majority of the players on both panels were teenagers that day.

When they kicked the ball about on the street or back gardens, I know the Louth boys, boys of Sludden if you will, were dreaming of setting the injustice right.

Will this permutation come to past in the white heat of championship on Sunday?

Will those ‘Boys of Sludden’ become Men on Sunday and grasp revenge?

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