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by louthandproud on November 28, 2016

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It just wasn’t to be for the men from the Quay.


Their superb season hit a Rhode block here’s the talking points


You have to feel for Conor Crawley.
The service into him was terrible yesterday.
He was well marked by Shane Sullivan who’s game was made easy by misdirected and short-long balls in.
Crawley got 3 decent balls all game and three times he made something happen. A deft touch to Ben McLaughlin for him to be fouled, won a penalty and late in the 2nd half he plucked a ball and layed it off for Keith McLaughlin to be pulled down for the other penalty.

The rest of the time the balls in were forced and as a result they became one dimensional and alas wasted too much green and gold possession.

Peno shoot-out
Rhode missed a pen at the death which would have flattered them if they scored and ruined a well earned clean sheet by Benny Trainer. The makeshift net minder had a great game, making 2 excellent stops in the 2nd half.

Fishers first penalty, if scored, would have left two in it. The miss sucked the momentum out of the SOM it has to be said.

The second penalty typified not only Fisher but the SOM spirit. As soon as it was given there was no doubt in his head he was taking it. He actually chased after the ball behind the goals to secure the responsibility, amazing moral bravery. Furthermore he buried it.

role reversal
The SOM got a taste of their own medicine for the first time this year.
Rhode forced them to do what they do so well to others.
1. Being hit on the counter
2. forced into turnovers.

Mac the Knife
Usually the team with the best players win this team it came down to best player.
Niall McNamee scored 8 points and had a hand on at least two others. So of the 12 points Rhode scored he was involved in ten that’s some going, you could say why didn’t they change his marker but Kurt Murphy actually did well, sometimes you just have to take a bow. McNamee was a class apart yesterday. He has the look in his eye of man focused on capturing this Leinster title once and for all. I hope they do it.

Don’t stop believing

What an incredible journey the 2016 Louth Champions have been on.

An inspiration to all clubs in Louth Small and big in what can be achieved if you work damn hard.

Sure its a grand aul team to play for showed honesty and footballing ability the whole county can be proud of.

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louthandproud November 28, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Someone who actually watched the game in Drogheda and also followed the O’Mahonys super Leinster journey!

Anonymous November 28, 2016 at 3:05 am

Who wrote this ?????

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