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by louthandproud on January 14, 2017

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We beat Carlow 3-14 to 2-12.

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We top the group and play Meath next Sunday in Navan


We’ve played Carlow every year now in Colin Kelly’s reign as Louth manager.

Lost to them in his first year and beat them convincingly twice last year.

We should beat them again, but they have set their sights on winning this game and hopefully group.

They’ll hold no fear so it should be a good challenge for us.


Two solid wins in the competition so far.

We have given 30 players game time.

Those two lines are quite pleasing start to 2017 regardless of wether we top the group or not.

However. Colin Kelly wants to win and another game in the competition so expect us to go full throttle.

Possible Starting Team

1.Neil Gallagher
2.Kurt Murphy
3.David Finn
4.Kevin Carr

S.Derek Maguire

5. Liam Dullaghan
6. Daniel Grimes
13. Adrian Reid

8. James Stewart
9. Tony McKenna

10. Tommy Durnin
11. Jim McEneaney
12. Conor Brannigan
14. Ronan Carroll
15. Dean Maguire


I expect Colin Kelly to start a stronger team than above.

I have my doubts if winning the group is a good thing or not long term.

Because, if We top the group and we play either Laois or Meath .

Laois win, we will be facing them in the crucial first round of the league in a fortnights time.
Meath won, we will hopefully see them in the championship do we really want to give their new management team a look at us?

Long term, an inexperienced Louth team playing/losing to a tough Carlow side will get a lot more out of the O’Byrne Cup going forward.

Do we want to show our hand is what I’m trying to say.

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Alan McDonagh January 14, 2017 at 8:48 pm

Not sure if the Ronan Carroll thing is going to work but I hope I’m wrong.

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