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by louthandproud on February 3, 2017

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Lets get ready to Rumble!

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Roll on Saturday night lights!

Divisional pedigree

We are Division 4 Champions.

What that proved last year was that we were able for adversity that lower standards brings.
The title also showed that we set standards for ourselves.

We weren’t just happy to show up we wanted to perform.
We also don’t ever want to go back down there.

Laois were narrowly controversially relegated last season on the last day.
So they might have a superiority feeling that we really shouldn’t be here.
We’re above this and before you know it you get sucked down to that level.

We showed in our application alone last year we meant business.

All about the ball

This year will not test our character as much but it will test our decision making and football ability.
This Saturday night under lights especially.
The atmosphere will be great and everyone is hunger for League football at this stage.
So it will be interesting to see how we adapt.

The new players back will help the set up footballing wise.
Andy has been a really welcome return, Crilly showed his worth early on, Eoin O’Connor even got game time last week and Ronan Carroll is an option too.

You combine that with our gameplan and panel competition we will certainly compete.


Last Sunday’s game and defeat couldn’t have come at a worse time for this Louth team.
We were on a crest of a wave after beating Meath before crashing down the earth in Drogheda on Sunday.


The focus all along the O’Byrne Cup was on this Laois game.

I mentioned yesterday Laois have some big casualties that helps our cause no end it really does.

The lads know how important this game is and how important a good start is to a league campaign.

So I’m pretty sure we’ll get a performance on Saturday night.

Laois team reaction

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.20.24

Few surprises in the Laois team named. Most notable is the placement of defender Darren Strong at midfield. Lets try and decipher that code.

Do they know we are playing a sweeper?, Do they know we have only 2 inside? Is he doing a marking job on Andy out the middle?

Most likely Strong will sweep for them and either Begley or Farrell will play in the middle.
We knew about the injuries, but the ommission of regulars like Gary Walsh, Paul Kingston, Kieran Lillis and Ross Munnelly from the starting side is very interesting making their bench will be very strong.
James Kelly was a minor last season. Where are all the Portlaoise players? only one on the team?
Eoin Lowry should be familiar to Louth supporters, Laois beat our U21’s last year and he scored 1-4. Biggie wa corner back against our U21’s last year and centre back for surprise championship winning Stradbally last year.

It is an orthodox forward line but the team on paper missing so many provides us with a great opportunity to start the league well

www. Louth team reaction

1. Craig Lynch
2. Padraig Rath
3. Paddy Reilly
4. Kevin Carr
5. Derek Maguire
6. Liam Dullaghan
7. Anthony Williams
8. Tommy Durnin
9. Andy McDonnell
10. James Stewart
11. Paraic Smith
12. Bevan Duffy
13. Ruairi Moore
14. Jim McEneaney
15. Ryan Burns
Burnsey gets a welcome start and Ruairi Moore comes in from nowhere to start.
Liam Dullaghan has done nothing wrong since joining the squad and deservedly gets his place on merit.
No Decky due to suspension he got a late red against Derry in the qualifiers.
It’s solid team and one that fits the system well.
Lads coming in will know their roles well enough at this stage.
It looks on paper a team set up to take home two valuable Division 3 points!
Thanks for reading all week. Live updates on SnapChat tomorrow

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sean February 3, 2017 at 2:48 pm

Sometimes a defeat like last Sunday can’t bring a team down to earth and use that to get refocused. If we had of beaten Dublin we might be turning up tomorrow full of ourselves.positives can be taken from defeats just as much as victories .

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