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by louthandproud on June 9, 2016

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The weekend is nigh…


Take the afternoon off and pick your Louth team for Sunday with me.

Tons to think about and keep in mind for selection ahead of Sunday’s local showdown.

In the goals…Craig Lynch

The Naomh Mairtin netminder will not be happy after his performance against Carlow. Thats a good thing.
With Gally breathing down his neck the pressure is on him now to perform.
His kickouts in a narrow pitch will be crucial on Sunday, that gives him the edge in selection.

Full back line and Match ups

Pop on Newman
Reilly on Tormey
Toner on Wallace/McDonagh

Pop picked up Newman in Drogheda earlier this year…he’ll have taken his notes and will know what to expect. Newman is expected to lead the Meath attack Pop is our leader at the back…there will be no love lost.
Tormey not a natural full forward and Reilly not a natural Full back…they could roam out the field and suit each other equally. Either way Reilly will feel he is comfortable in this match Up

Toner has history with Wallace an Under21 game in 2013 to be exact where Toner was taken off he got no protection that day but he’ll want to make amends…if Wallace is not fit, Dalton McDonagh a dangerous player with a keen eye for goal and deceiving turn of pace will suit Toner also.

These 3 lads are our tighest markers and they match up quite well too. That is a massive plus for me ahead of Sunday. With Meaths running game the lads can be extra tight as the ball will more than likely not be kicked long, fast and direct. It suits us and they will have even more of a chance of frustrating them with some help in front of them but I’ll get to that in a minute.


1myteamlouthmeath (1)
Meath will be well aware that it is Derek Maguire they’ll have been in Croke Park and Portlaoise and will have hatched a plan for him.
Lets dictate to Meath and play two sweepers.
Derek along with a rotation of Decky and Conall?
Deny Meath even more space and scupper all Meaths plans for stopping Maguire.
No Brainer.

Half Back Line

1myteamlouthmeath (2)
We can not go out with the same half back line against carlow simple as that.

Eoghan Lafferty comes in for me, James Stewart drops back to Six and Anthony Williams retains his spot.

One thing these three lads have in common? They are all supreme athletes.
Full of runnning, mobile and powerful on the counter.
Exactly what we need when we face Meath. They are going to be tested.
Meath are going to run the ball aggressively as fuck.
These lads can slow them down, strong enough to stall their momentum and well able to counter when they turn them over.


Peach is our totem pole in the middle for us, literally.
1myteamlouthmeath (3)

He makes the call on Kickout’s and if he can mix it with Brendan Murphy no reason why he can’t do it to Meath’s Messiah Harry Rooney a player built from the mind of a Meath supporters fantasy, A strong Farmer, loves a hit, loves a high catch and a large hoof up the field.
Peach just breaks the ball on him all day and with us playing four across the middle we’ll be sure to win it and that platform will bring success.

Jim Partners Peach: in the tight confines we need a ball player in there and Jim fits the bill. Get him in the game as often as you can and we’ll win, throw in his direct footpassing to Grimes and Burnsey and we are on to a winner…he is actually a mismatch for Graham Reilly in the air too. Jim is an impressive high fielder as there is.
On the ground Bevan Duffy should tag Reilly but playing Jim in the Middle is the luxury we possess by havin men back.
Will Meath expect this no? all the better so.

Half Forward line

Conall McKeever and Bevan Duffy get the shift that will allow to us to be fluid on Sunday.

1myteamlouthmeath (4)
These guys have the freedom of the park but will be asked to cover a number of roles.
Provide Width.
Kickout options.
Breaking ball winners.
Tagging loose men.

As well as looking to clog up the space defensively they are our key ‘transition’ players (GAA buzzword of 2016).
Bevan likes the tightness of Parnell park it brings out his physicality and Conall’s running game is as good as you will see anywhere.
These lads definetly start.

IN-side line

For the first time in their young careers, the pressure is firmly on both of them for differing reasons.

Conor Grimes will know Conor McGill (Meath’s first choice full back) is out and he’ll know more than anyone that he will be expected to not only perform, but be the match winner. that is a tough pressure to handle.
If he keeps it simple and just works to out perform his marker then good things will happen. Lets not hope this occasion gets to him.

Ryan Burns will face his stiffest test of his career against Donal Keoghan. I wasn’t joking when I said he was world class. Dublin would only love to have him now.
We all want to see whether or not Burnsey can come through it, we win the game if he does.

‘My’ Team in Full


Tons of Options

With Captain Adrian Reid back, he will boost to our options for starters, Ruairi Moore was good again when he came in against Carlow, throw in a handful of Juniors like Robbie Curran, Cathal Bellew, Darragh Lafferty and Baz Flanagan they could bolt into the team too.
Not to mention Darren McMahon, Gea McSorley, Keith McLoughlin and John Bingham they all know the system and coming into a high paced game that could sway the outcome of the game.

Thats concludes ‘My’ team
I will have reaction to the official teams when they are named tonight thanks for joining in and reading

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louthandproud June 9, 2016 at 9:22 pm

A tad harsh on Duffy..Strong player that goes through a trojan amount of unseen work. Who would you have instead of him?

Alan June 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm

Agree with everything except Duffy !! Not worth his place in the Squad & Meath will piss themselves laughing when they see him coming !!!!

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