Meath Match Preview

by louthandproud on June 11, 2016

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The big game is within touching distance.


My nerves are already jangling…we have to beat them tomorrow.

I’m not going to rile any Meath supporter and player up in any way with what I really think about this current Meath side, but lets just say we have a serious chance of scratching that 41 year itch.


Our game and Success in based on hard work.
Tomorrow, with the green jersey in front of them, motivation should be no problem.
That bodes well for us.

As we all know the 70 minutes is going to be cagey affair. The lads will bring work rate with intensity…but the system takes the emotion out of it. We’ll be well organised, level headed and in control throughout.

That is the reason why we played the same way all year be it against Wicklow and Waterford. The soul purpose was to give our players the repetition needed to succeed in the white heat of championship.

We are set up to play tight and the longer we keep the game tight the better for us.


The crowd is going to be on top of the players, we’ll more than likely be out numbered but that negative can be turned into a positive.
They’ll then firmly feel the pressure of the favourites tag, that is where we come in and use this to our advantage.

We’re sure to hear a groan and moan at a sideways handpass, it will be the Meath traditionalists in the stand lamenting the ails of the modern game and praying for a long ball.

If their supporters get frustrated with what they see that will seep into the players, especially if we are turning them over and picking them off on the narrow Donnycarney pitch.

The Fear

The reason I’m saying that the emotion out of the game is because we usually are the ones that loses focus when the finishing line approaches.

This game is being masked by reputation and history, that counts for nothing. What has beaten us in the past was better players.
We have nothing to fear from Meath certainly not personnel wise, but there is nothing between us they’re lower end Division 2 team while we’re an upper end Division 3 team.

So much so, they’ve picked their team to suit us…that shows us their vulnerability.


If we perform to our best, we will do it.

We have to be patient in defence and attack, Supply to Grimes will be key and we’ll need to nail every single free kick. Peach and Burnsey can be trusted there.
Padraic Harnan and Graham Reilly pose serious threats but we will be set up to deal with them better than before.
We have something in our locker Meath don’t have:long range shooters. Can Meath pick us off from distance? I don’t think so. Meath’s best chance rests on wing-backs Alan Douglas and Darragh Smyth industry that’s a lot of pressure for both debutants.

We’re going to do it.

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